Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Review

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Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike works as a “How-To” guide for those who just started an exercise or maintained a general fitness by taking low-intensity cardio workout. And yes, of course, I am here to describe every hooks and nook of Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike review to become sure how can you perform the moderate level exercise without breaking the bank.

Xterra fitness fb350 folding bike is superb economical in terms of price, space, and storage. You hardly expect the unconventional frame, seat, rust metallic parts, chip-resistant paint finishing from other types of inexpensive bike. Particularly its X-shape step-through design helps to lift and cross over from one place to another quickly.

That’s why don’t ever miss this opportunity if you are an entry-level rider as it serves all the purposes as described in the advertisement.

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Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Features:

If you go in-depth into the feature, you will find the Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise bike is stylish, reliable, robust, and overall smooth and comfortable to use. Its thick frame style tubing and lightweight solid steel provide excellent stability. So, I don’t want to wait for you more as you are getting excited to know more about this bike. So, let’s look closely and find out each and every bit of it.

Massive Frame:

This bike comes with a two-piece frame with an “X” structure and joins in the middle. It completely assembled as a flywheel, crank, belt, and resistance system already attached to the frame bar. Only the two bases, seat post, console, pedals, and handlebars the user has to attach, and it won’t take more than half an hour to complete the process.

Basic Size:

Basically, the bikes aren’t very large, but its handlebar is around 50.5”, which is 2 feet above the floor and does a safe operation with easy access. The bike is only 32 lbs, and a set of front transportation wheels makes the bike more easily movable.

Comprehensive Console and resistance:

It has got a 2”x1” fitness console meter with a big LED display. The display shows time, speed, calorie burned, pulse rate, and SCAN’s total fitness metrics. Each screen can view many times, according to the user’s requirement.

FB150 has got super-fast magnetic resistance system with a small integrated braking system in the middle. Its also attached with a large tension knob at the front that maintains the flywheel changes with the clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Itemized Seat and pedals:

It has got a 14” extra large-seat and the widest point to feel the user more comfortable. The optimal comfort maximum of 225 lbs weight supported to the seat, and it has an extra layer of padding system. The seat is made of thick vinyl material to provide durable performance.

FB150 has a metallic padel core and non-slip ABS surface, and an extra solid 3-piece crankset to provide durability to the pedal crank arms. It has an adjustable strip structure for a secure feel and always turns face-up to put up the feet.


FAQ On Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Review


How LCD of Xterra fb150works? Console (Fitness Meter)

Ans: This stationary bike has a console called a fitness meter in the LCD part. The meter is also very easy to use and a perk of the basic button. It has only one button to turn the meter on, and it also detects flywheel while pressing the button. So, to get the LCD scan, you have to turn the meter on in SCAN mode, and automatically it will display all the information.

Is Xterra fitness FB150 folding bike is noisy?

Ans: No. since the bike continuously operated by magnetic resistance and it also has a belt-drive feature, it causes a pedalic motion, which is very quiet and smooth. You don’t even need to lubricate the drive.

But one clicking sound you may get while changing the resistance, but it’s not so loud, just like clicking a small pen.

Is there any floor and dirt protection system available?

Ans: For keeping your floor dust, sweat, and scratch-free, you can use a rubber mat so that it can absorb any dust dropdown. For a wooden floor, you can use anti-scratching plastic caps to prevent the floor from unusual scratching.

Due to its magnetic resistance and belt drive, no lubrication system, no dust can stay on the bike so long. But to maintain cleanness weekly, one cleaning is enough for dirt protection.

Final verdict:

The XTERRA FB150 Folding Bike best suits new to intermediate level users who are looking for an inexpensive model that is solid, compact, and comfortable to use. Experienced cyclists will not find the resistance levels challenging enough. The XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike is a budget-priced fitness aid that will enable you to burn calories and improve your health and fitness. The XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike is a perfect exercise bike for those who are looking for muscle toning, cardio training, weight loss, and stamina development at the comfort of their home.

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