Spinner Blade by Star Trac Commercial Spin Bike Review

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Much at-home cardio machine indeed provides average level workout, and some machines truly not allow to max yourself out. Well, there are many reasons for this. One of the primary reasons maybe your bike may not maintain commercial-grade standards in terms of shedding so much of pounds. At this moment, you might force to hold it back, which is unexpected.

Meanwhile, if you have Spinner Blade by Star Trac, the best stationary bike, you need not worry about this because it can match any intensity level and provide you actual workout enjoyment. Although it’s the newest model released a few months back for the price of around $300, it is completely worth the money.

Needless to say, it’s the best in both worlds, including the exercise and fitness world. Its badass is enough in size that keeps pushing hard, and an elegant and beautiful design will encourage you to keep all the stuff in this small gym. Furthermore, the Spinner blade is fully packed with smart features and drives you on an excellent level to both workout intensity and accountability. After the post-pandemic time, when Corona vanish from the world, this bike will stand out blindly when plenty of people will start to rethink about improving their fitness. Even now, in this pandemic time, Spinner Blade gives you a mask-free guard-pumping quality sweat at home. So, don’t worry about breathing by wearing a full face mask or shield at the gym.

From now onwards, you can think of purchasing this bike after go through with this Spinner Blade by Star Trac review.

Spinner Blade by Star Trac review

Before starting the review, I experimented with several pieces of cardio equipment at my home. All of them belong to the CrossFit gym and allow me to hit harder and go-hard. It was surprising that most of the equipment does not meet the standard for the home equipment level and simply doesn’t permit except Spinner Blade by Star Trac. Because they look big, commercial-grade, and vicious machines, they are satisfied with all the gear levels.

The other thing I have observed that it is entirely different from other ordinary bikes in shape and size as I kept it in one small corner of my bedroom, and it fits well. You can either place this in your hall living room or even in the balcony. Its something boldly black with a mix of silver color. You can get a new splash near the pedals. Plus, this model also offers something better for everyone in the family. Like everyone will love this machine, screen, and its aesthetic, including your wife and children.

Doe sure you will feel the powerful riding, particularly its resistance will make you feel like that. That’s why this bike is never jerky and always provides a smooth resistance workout no matter how much resistance you have put in the knob. You will also never get any awkward break during the cycling motion, and ultimately your muscles will be involved in a constant workout.

So, if you are battling to stay cadence, you can choose this reliable machine and achieve a daily amount of cardio exercise. Particularly in this Coronavirus time, when exercise is the key to health, this bike will make you comfortable at your own level because it comes pre-assembled and can handle any size of weight. So, to keep fit yourself or to lose many weights, Star Trac Spinner Blade is unbeatable for you now and throughout the year.

Configuration summary:

  • Solid aluminum construction.
  • It has four spinning DVD’s.
  • Dual pedal system for athletic shoes and SPD’s.
  • It is covered with a special paint coat to prevent all sorts of dust and rusts.
  • It has a heavy perimeter weighted flywheel and fluid cycling motion.
  • Comes with a Q-factor for proper alignment of the legs.
  • Rock-solid steel body.
  • 4-way adjustable handlebars.
  • Chain drive mechanism.
  • Friction and leather pad brakes.
  • 131 lbs assembled weight.
  • Adjustable resistance.

The frame of this spin bike is highly made of extruded aluminum. As aluminum is lighter than steel, this bike also feels lightweight but heavy in quality. It has 131 lbs: weight and completely corrosion-free materials. You will also see double-coated resistant paint and an elegant finish all over the body.

Likewise, this bike is a 10 inches bigger than another traditional indoor cycling bike. It is 56.5” L  and 21” W, which is huge and longer in size. Its bases are also adjustable, rubberized stabilizers, and provide an excellent grip onto any floor type. The back base front base consists of sturdy transportation wheels for ease of relocation and movability.

Now come to its seat and handlebars, which is pretty much standard because it has a soft padding seat and multi-grip design handlebars. However, it does not offer a cushioning seat, but it is slim and nicely shaped not to get any problem. Like the seat, handlebars made of foam rubber fabric and 4-way adjustable availability. It means you can move your handlebar in any direction as it provides micro-adjustability on the market.

Plus, the braking and resistance system is very simple in this bike. It has a friction brake and a direct contract resistance system—the brake directly connected to the resistance knob that is situated on the top of the tube frame. As you can see, there is no fixed-resistance system. Just turn on the knob up or down and fix your comfortable level. As this a magnetic resistance bike, you just have to adjust the resistance simply, turning the knob and tension that suit your workout.

Furthermore, this bike follows a chain drive system and supplies a quiet and smooth ride. You may get some sound from the chain because of the chain drive, but otherwise, this machine provides almost soundless operation. It also has 38lbs heavy flywheel, which offers a high-quality, consistent momentum throughout the workout.

Finally, you cannot deny its 158 mm Q-factor, which is almost similar to any race bike Q-factor. It provides a supernatural paddling motion and makes your knee low impacted.


There are originally two series of Spinner Blade blade. I have discussed the 6960 model, which is popular for its belt drive mechanism. So, uncountably this bike offers the best frame construction and provides excellent spinning training. In the same way, you cannot regret all of its valuable features and always feel worth of price if you already made a plan to get this stationary bike.

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