PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout Bike Training

Like outdoor cycling, indoor cycling has been going around for years after years. The use of the stationary bike in gymnastics was first invented in early 1796. From that time onwards, exercise bike has been used for many years. But in recent years at the time of the twentieth-century exercise has had a rebirth system with the advent of high-quality, efficient exercise bike. It also combines aerobic enthusiasm and low impact workout, which is extremely approachable for beginners. Because this cardio exercise frequently helps to burn tons of calories and maintain healthy confidence by increasing stamina and strength.

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In order to achieve that, many people head towards into gym or workout studio memberships while some others are trying to avid their full-body exercise at home. So, if you are a home workout supporter, one solution erg machine you can try PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike. It can provide you a long exercise session with a couple of home gym stable. Even if you are getting boarded to start your daily performance, I guarantee this machine will make you disciplined all the way.

Now visualize your fitness goals and make a strong purchasing decision before just getting down to start cycling or low impact exercise. Additionally, consider some other genuine facts before you shop for the best stationary bike like PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle. These factors are programming options, digital display, smart technology, weight capacity, seating comfort, seat paddling, etc.

By considering all this key shopping in mind, I have made the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike guide to show you how high-performance, well-built performs suits your best needs. So, lets research this exercise bike in-depth and place an order if all goes well.

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Review

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Review

My high isn’t so much a popular fitness equipment brand like peloton because of its new name in the fitness world. The other logic is it’s available in only two models S2 and S7. Where other companies have dozens of models. They have only 2 types of affordable spin bikes in the market. For this reason, this bike has rated higher for other popular brands that have been manufacturing for years after years. Thanks to pyhigh indoor cycling bike parts, its structure, and sturdy components smartly used in this bike and provide a high-quality but low-cost bike.

Yet it may need some little maintenance for quiet drivetrain and heavy flywheels, but that’s not an issue further because each of Phyhigh indoor cycling bike belt drives is created exceptionally with high-quality, long-lasting materials and suitable for multiple daily users. Plus, the warranties are also generous and offers much more flexibility than any other cheap brands. So, if you are highly looking forward to the best workout bike under budget, constrain Pyhigh won’t let you down, and it will satisfy you all the way you are waiting for.

So, before starting technical configuration, let me tell you it also has certain cons, but they are not serious deal-breakers for the experienced riders. But, if you are a novice trainee, this would be perfect for you as you will not get any hassle of watt tracking, whistles, SPD pedals, or bells. So, let’s review the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike belt drive stationary bicycle and scroll up the suggestions of what I am going to mention.

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike

Feature Summary:
  • Belt driven system.
  • 35 lbs bidirectional heavy flywheel.
  • Adjustable resistance knob.
  • Anti-skid handlebars with pulse grip.
  • Vertically adjusted handlebars.
  • Felt fabric braking system.
  • Oversized cushioned seat.
  • The seats are completely adjustable.
  • Adjustable base for floor support.
  • Strong transportation wheels.
  • LCD.
  • Water bottle and tablet holder.
  • 280lbs maximum capacity.
  • Small and stunning. Only 2″ x 21.7″ x 46.1″ in size.

My high comes with high-end multi-grip, racing style design, bidirectional fixed flywheel to provide an enjoyable indoor workout. You will love its stable, sturdy frame and incredible ergonomics dynamic paddling system.

Whether you want to move forward or reverse direction, both can stimulate in this bike via an efficient paddling direction. Also, you won’t experience unpleasant jerky motion for its smooth belt system and tone your physique in every way.

As it has a PK belt-driven mechanism, it does not require lubing as a chain does. That’s why its resistance system is durable and never stretches. It also makes the low-maintenance cycle job. Now come to its commercial-grade frame, which is sturdily built and carry 330 weight at a time.

For making low noise, it has a ball of efficient wool felt pad and friction system resistance. It has water and sweat resistance elements to stay dry while working for such a long time. You could not but love its coated anti-skidding handlebar to comfort your arms while exercising.

The Pyhigh does not come with backlit, but due to its big LCD screen, you can easily track time, calories burned, distance, pulse rate, etc. you can also read and make a record of this information. Although it’s not Bluetooth and ANT enabled, you can manage them easily.

Last but not least, it is well-equipped with a device holder, and you can place your mobile, notebook, IPAD, even magazines on the holder to make your long time ride. Still, it has only horizontal handlebar adjustment, but if you are tall and within 6.3″, this may not be a problem for you. You can do a safe and easy workout every single time.


So, Pyhigh indoor cycling bike -481 lbs are just more than other ordinary bikes like Merax or YASUDA. But its available in resonate price so that you can indeed worth your cash. The materials, resistance system, weight capacity, and other features are completely better than other traditional bikes, and that’s why Pyhigh deserves an own space at your house.

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