8 Coolest Features of Peloton Bike Plus

Features of Peloton Bike Plus

This year due to the pandemic, sweatpants become casual workwear because of not going to the gym. At the mid-pandemic time, I took a peaked and got peloton Bike+. Recently it got an updated version and included significant hardware and software. Although I feel the new Bike + is less … Continue reading

How to calibrate Peloton bike?

how to calibrate the peloton bike

Is calibration is needed for the Peloton bike? Or How to calibrate peloton bike? It’s a straightforward process to set up your resistance level to a specific point while riding. It also has other definitions. So, let’s see how it works on the Peloton bike and how frequently we can … Continue reading

How to Clean Your Peloton Screen

How to Clean Your Peloton Screen

If you have a peloton, you might want to know How to Clean Your Peloton Screen? It’s not only you but everyone’s question if you want to be your bike tread pristine and safe. With an unlimited abundance of home gym equipment, a peloton is a good choice to exercise … Continue reading