7 Unwanted Mistakes of Basic Mountain Biking and How to Overcome It

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Welcome to Basic Mountain Biking and How to Overcome It

Hello, Roadies!

We know you are all super excited to make an adventure in mountain biking. But before going to the topic let me ask you one question “Do you feel is mountain biking hard and you cannot learn by yourself by watching mountain bike videos?” well certainly your answer will be “No” as mountain bike skills are not easy to grasp by watching simple mountain biking YouTube channel.


However, if you get to know about what not to do on a mountain bike or mountain biking obstacles through this mountain bike article you will be aware of your mistakes. And to make you more conscious here we have top mountain biking tips for beginners or how to be a safe motorcycle rider?

Though mainly we will discuss basic mistakes of Rei Mountain biking our solution also makes you understand mtb xc races. So, let’s get started.

Not Checking Bike Components Before the start ( Basic Mountain Biking)

This is a very common mistake which can occur a serious accident. Suppose, if your wheels get a loose connection and you start the ride with that, for sure you will be injured. On the other side, just by doing a small inspection before going can save your life and your bike life also. So, they do make a regular habit of checking and keep your bike well-maintained particularly gears, tires, brakes, and frame.

Beating Everyone from the Beginning is a Bad Idea

If you are going to perform a race, already a shortest winning idea id roaming around your head. But here is the mistake of all beginners even pro bikers used to do. Because, if you start crossover everyone from the first place you will lose energy power very soon and cannot continue for more than half-an-hour. So, control your brakes and slow down when necessary.

Maintain a Pace or Momentum for the Whole Ride

Instead of overtaking other bikers always try to maintain a minimum level of momentum throughout the race. This will help you to keep energize and you will not feel any pressure both mentally and physically. But later on, when you properly balanced in the final part you can increase the speed.

Energize Yourself

Though it may look funny the truth is you must and must carry some eating and drinking food with you. This is highly recommended as you will definitely get hungry and thirsty after riding a long distance nearly for 1 hour. And if you do not have something at that time you will get dehydrated soon and faint without any reason. Hence, do always carry some biscuits, cookies, juices, sweet, honey bread and ride cheerfully.

Always Carry a Life Easier Pack:

Suppose if your tire got a puncture on the half of the way what will you do? That’s why do not forget to carry a small pack containing at least two tubes, one gas canister or mini pump and a small multi-tool box so that you can feel self-sufficient.

Do you think overdressed can create a problem?

It’s very usual to think but for mountain biking overdressed help riders to keep warm and protects again strong wind and cold. Thus, just remember to put as many layers of clothes and protective gears into your body to save yourself from unwanted temperature and hilly terrains rough surfaces.

Stop Slowly

Most of us fall down or stop others while we want to stop riding. This is actually a technique and you have to learn it. Doing a hurry or suddenly stop the momentum is not preferable while you want to stop. The best way is to take unclip with your foot first and then get off from the bike

Do you have an idea about the adverse risk of mountain biking? Although there are lots of factors involved in this risk above-mentioned mistakes can also cause dangerous biking injuries of your health. Lastly, for getting the benefits of biking you must learn to avoid the faults for both in mountain bike training as well as for self-rising.

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