Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike – Easy Solution

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Exercise bikes provide a great way to stay fit and healthy while sitting down. But what do you do if your exercise bike knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike? You cannot stop exercising because of this live clunk noise, but the sound is annoying also.

 Actually, it’s an easy fix for this issue. All you need to do is tighten up some of the bolts and nuts by using some wrenches, and it should not take more than half an hour to fix the problem.

This post will show you how to identify the problem and what causes bike clicking when pedaling?

We will also provide you easy repairing system that you can do by yourself and handle the problem.

Why is knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike?

When pedaling on a bike, you hear a knocking sound. You may think this is normal, but it indicates something wrong with the bike or your pedal. On the other hand, bike pedal clicking can be very irritating, and it is not expected to be a good workout experience.

The cause of this can be from many things. Such as uneven tire wear or lose bolts in the wheel hub area. It could also be the loose chain or belt slipping on the sprockets.

Pedal noises are frustrating to deal with because they’re difficult to diagnose without buying an expensive tool. For that, you don’t need to get professional help. By using some common household items, you can permanently solve the problem.

How do you fix a knocking sound on an exercise bike?

It usually means there is something wrong with your crank arm or chaining. It is the main part of your bike that connects the pedals to the wheel. The bike squeaking can happen and click while you ride.

The noise usually comes from the left pedal, but it only happens with the right foot. It can happen vice versa also. Fortunately, these parts are relatively easy to fix yourself, but you need basic tools and know-how.

For easy understanding, we have divided different knocking sounds while pedaling bike problems into some parts. If you’re up for it, here’s how to do it!

Peloton clicking noise

Why does it make noise?

There are some common reasons for having peloton clicking noise. It may be because of the interaction between the pedals and the cleats. If the cleat’s bolts are loose, noise can happen when attached to pedals. The pedal cleat area makes noise because its tension is too low, or the bolts used in the pedals and crank arm are loose.

Even the crank arm may become loose sometimes and create noise. Apart from this, the stabilizers and transport wheels of peloton bikes can also create clunking noise when pedaling a bike.

How to solve peloton clicking noise?

So, based on the problem, you should solve it. If the problem creates from only untighten or loosen nuts and bolts, you need to follow regular maintenance and check every nuts and bolt every 2 months. If you find something loose, immediately tight joint.

Check your cycling pedals and cleats are connect properly. You may also get short pedal tension for which sounds may happen. So, increase the tension and tight the cleats and pedals joints to fix it. As a peloton is an expensive bike, you can think about parts replacements if manual fixation is not properly.

Bottom bracket problems noise:

Why does it make noise?

Usually, a creaking bottom bracket is the main complaint of the maximum customer.  It creates a squeaky noise and becomes louder day after day if not fix it. The clicking bottom bracket noise even becomes violent because of misleading.

The main reason behind this is if anyone has an oversized crank arm set up. When this crank rotates, the bottom bracket starts making dry creaky noise because of axle oscillation of bearing. It may also happen if the bottom bracket contract points are washed out of grease for a long time.

How to solve bottom bracket clicking?

If you are confident that you have got an exercise bike bottom bracket problem, you can make it silent. First, you can use some grease and lubricate the joints. Then you take out the crank and make the bearing smooth.

It is enough to solve the problem. In the mainstream, you can add a 24mm-30mm small converter in the bracket to stop making a sound.

Schwinn ic3 clicking noise

Why does it make noise?

If you have Schwinn ic3 exercise bike and it starts clicking when you ride vigorously, you may think some inner parts have broken. But it’s not like that. It may be the bowflexvelocore clicking noise that comes from pedals. Other noise also you can get from pedals if the straps are loosely tightened.

How to solve Schwinn ic3 clicking noise?

It is a very common noise problem of the Schwinn ic3 model. By tightening the straps and pedals, you can solve the issue.

However, if you have other problems, you can contract Schwinn’s professional team and ask for their support. But don’t try to overdo it. As this may break the parts, it’s better to contract with customer care and ask for repair.

Yosuda bike making clicking noise

Why does it make noise?

Yasuda is available at a reasonable price, and many people buy that because of its affordable price and easy set-up. However, you may get pro-form bike knocking noise from the pedal area, flywheel area and seat area.

You may not get all the noise problems simultaneously, but if you don’t care about a little maintenance, it may become a big hassle for your exercise journey.

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How to solve Yosuda bike making clicking noise?

First, look at the bike chain noise when pedaling and flywheel condition. It usually happens if your flywheel is not in the proper position and the screws are loose. So adjust the flywheel and tighten it.

Second, check the pedal and crank screws are loose or not. Or even broken or not? If it’s like this, tight the joints and replace the creak if you find it broken.

Magnetic exercise bike making noise

Why does it make noise?

Magnetic resistance bikes are quieter but sometimes left pedal clicking noise.

You may experience. You may also get a loss of resistance problem and loose screws and bolts problem. As this bike is expensive, the repair is extremely difficult and expensive. So try to tighten all the parts and check yourself before calling professionals.

How to solve magnetic exercise bike making noise

The problem may lay with the pedals. So it is worth checking if they are properly screwed on. Suppose this does not fix the noise.

Try tightening up any loose screws or bolts that you find. A final thing to check is whether there is a buildup of debris in between your bike’s wheel and its crank arm and resistance or not.

You can remove this by using a vacuum cleaner hose attachment to suck out whatever is collected inside the space.

Hopefully, one of these tips will help take care of those pesky squeaks!


I hope these steps will help you get rid of the sound. Knocking noise when pedaling an exercise bike is not so difficult, and by tightening up some parts, you can solve it forever and make a boom while riding an exercise bike.

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