Best JBM Knee Pads Review 2021

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Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are the most available safety gear for almost any riding competition.

For this reason, we have come with a combo pack of these three gears together. It’s JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set.

As these are the common and necessary items it will be cost-effective for you if you buy JBM BMX Bike combo pack. But have you ever think why do we need to put lots of protected accessories while biking or riding?

It’s because to protect yourself from an unpleasant accident. Suppose knee pads secured your legs and kneed from being injured badly. Elbow pads protect your arms and elbows while sliding or driving faster. Moreover, the wrist guard assists to move the body according to the motion and protects you from being unbalancing and unfortunate falling down.

So, now we expect it is clear why you must use the protective guard’s particularly best mtb knee and elbow pads and guards for safety.

Pro Reviews


  • Is your trainer teenager ready to perform skating, biking, cycling, scooting or do any other extreme sport with JBM BMX outfits? At this point, you can select this package for him/her without any confusion. Because it is unbelievable protective gears for all types of indoor or outdoor games.
  • As all the pads and guards are made of PP and PE breathable materials with polyester sleeves outside the rider enjoy a safety protection while enjoy riding.
  • Additionally its design is also unique and you both will be thrilled. As we all know adults and teenagers like to enjoy the winning experience always. That’s why they are careless about their body protection. However, JBM BMX can guide them as it consist of optimal protection, shock absorbent gear and super stretchable sift mesh cloths.
  • Have you ever confused with lots of sizes while buying gears? We know you are. For this reason BMX offers knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards in this pack in one size. Because it has flexible and adjustable straps. Thus, you can adjust in any point with the straps and tight or loose the pads according to your necessity.
  • Lastly it has custom perfect outlook and applicable for unisex.


  • Will knee guards slide off while skating?

Ans: No. it will not slide off once after you fit in your body.

  • Explain about straps?

Ans: straps are made of elastic material and stretchable in any points to fit enough.

  • Does it have Velcro straps?

Ans: It has both Velcro and straps. But Velcro enclosures are used for suitable tight fittings with the knee girth. 

  • What’s the box included?

Ans: There is one pair of knee pad, one pair of elbow pad and one wrist guard along with 1 year replacement warranty card in the box.


JBM BMX multiple sports protective gears is worth of buying from all aspects. As knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guard are essential gear to get rid of all kinds of destructive injuries you should not forget to buy these safety gears.

In the pool, you must get it from the first day of your training and continue using it until become expert or intermediate level. And of course do not think about move to any competition without these.

So, we hope you will like this product and if you are comfortable with the price we advise you to proceed for it.

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