How to Use an Exercise Bike to Lose Weight

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The number of overweight people in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. It’s not that they are eating too much and don’t have enough power to do exercise. But there may be many factors contributing to this problem. Such as they might not be interested in going to the gym or even not having enough time to continue workout at the gym.

Therefore, indoor exercise bikes can be a great way to lose weight at home for those busy people. But at the starting, it can be complicated and intimidating. So, in this guide, we will show you how to use an exercise bike to lose weight. We will also discuss some easiest ways to get started with this stationary bike workout plan at home.

Stationary bike workout for beginners:

What if I told you that exercise bike workouts don’t have to be hard of what you think? If you’re ready to start losing weight by using your exercise bike as part of a fitness routine, then let’s get started.

Beginner! No problem.  Because the truth is exercise bikes can actually help you lose more weight than any other free-hand exercise.  As you will do a workout by using resistance, it will help you to burn calories faster.

Although a lot of people think riding a stationary bike is boring and hard work.  Especially when they are in the beginning position. But it doesn’t have to be in that way. If you ride for an hour on a stationary bike at a moderate intensity, you’ll burn about 400-500 calories. That’s almost as many calories as running burns in 30 minutes.

So, when it comes to losing weight, burning excess fat from our bodies is the only thing that matters. So don’t let this machine intimidate you for the first time. Because use it the right way, and riding this bike will help you reach all your fitness goals quickly.

So, is cycling good for weight loss on the stomach? Let’s talk about this and get to know where the fitness goal is hiding?

Is cycling good for weight loss on the stomach?

Yes definitely. The key to making a flat, stunning stomach is the same as the weight loss journey. As fat reserves mostly in the stomach, increases the exercise bike workout, your stomach or belly fat will automatically reduce.

Exercise works nothing but the fat-burning machine, and in this way, a stationary bike benefits the stomach. Always try to burn more calories than consume by following CICO (Calorie In Calorie Out), and you will get the weight benefits to result within the shortest time.

One quick tip we would like to share regarding stomach calorie burn workout. That is, try to do a bike workout on an empty stomach. As soon you get up from bed early in the morning, you can prefer to work out. It will help you to burn more belly fat. So try to ride before breakfast and enjoy the exercise result.

Stationary bike weight loss results:

The result is tremendous if you can follow a bike workout routine consistently. Significantly if you have a home gym, you can start a workout immediately without any dressing formality. In fact, it works as a wonderful option if you can turn on your stationary bike and push yourself to perform riding.

Soon you will realize how easy to work in the home environment to reduce weight rather than running in a professional gym. You will spread into all aspects of your life and enjoy a reduction of fatigue in your health.

Thus, to see the stationary targeted stationary bike weight loss result, we have divided the result into 2 steps. It is based on the timing, and from this, you will be very clear about how much time you should on a stationary bike for weight loss.

Stationary bike 20 minutes a day:

Although some people prefer 10 minutes, if you do 20 minutes of workout on a bike, you will quickly understand the difference.

Because 20 minutes workouts will improve your overall insurance by burning more calories. You will also feel an easy effect on the body joints and strengthen the core. Last but not least, it will improve your blood circulation, improve your mood and overall health.

However, time depends on your physical requirements. If you don’t have any health issues doing full 20 minutes tailor session will be nothing for you. Yet if you are a beginner, it may take time to learn. But as soon you become cool when your body starts calorie burning.

Furthermore, during these 20 minutes, you can ramp up the resistance and maintain consistency without overlooking the merits.

Cycling 30 minutes a day weight loss:

If you can do 20 minutes, we expect you can continue for 30 minutes to get the best result for weight loss. Because you can pedal hard and perform HIIT exercise, which is highly needed to burn more calories.

Because by increasing your effort means you are increasing your energy to burn demand calories. Also, you can do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) by taking regular intervals.

It means you can ride 30-60 seconds in high intensity followed by 1-3 minutes. Take a 1-minute interval by riding at a low intensity and repeat the process again.

The benefits are the same as 20 minutes workout benefits. Plus, it will burn more calories and helps you to get in nice shape earlier.


This guide will help you know about How to use an exercise bike to lose weight correctly. Although we have to share specific tips and tricks, our general information encourages us to go one step further.

So, why are you waiting for me? Start from right now to implement your motivation into work.

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