How to Ride a Bike – 7 Unbreakable Tips and Techniques

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How to Ride a Bike – Whether you are interested in mountain biking, road or hybrid biking the first and foremost stuff you must know about how to ride it smoothly and smarter way. Especially if you are fresher in cycle world we would recommend you to join different free cycling training for beginners program. Because of this sort of program will teach you how to train for a bike race and assist you to get into in motorbike racing. However, cycling for beginner’s course not always helps riders.

In order to learn in an efficient effective way sometimes, you may follow some cycling tips techniques. Thus, if you are really confused about how to ride a road bike for the first time then keep going on with this guide and get the answers.

Tips for Using Bike as a Fitness Equipment

Bike as a Fitness Equipment

Bike riding or cycling is a great way to keep fit particularly for those who love to enjoy nature plus doing exercise. Sometimes it can be quicker and easier than driving. As you can make a cycling training plan to lose weight or to become bodybuilder you must follow a couple of techniques while getting into cycling for fitness.

As soon as you get the bike first adjust the seat and handlebar position according to your height. Here make sure that your hip must be higher than knees when you seat.

If you feel tired legs after cycling it means you have pedal wrongly. Always do no lean too much forward while pedaling and adjust your arm position.

It is always a good habit to use a soft padded cover on the seat for cushioning up. This will help you to engage your core muscles gently including shoulder blades without any pain.

Do not ever push or strain the heavy gears. It may cause you heavy legs paining.

While riding does maintain a seat on the saddle and do not try to come out from the saddle. It’s risky and you may get the injury

Try to seat in a tall upright position in order to maintain a moderate resistance between your body, legs, and cycle.

Finally, try to use an alarm or stopwatch and a calorie meter to check how much your fat is burning through this exercise.

Tips for Becoming a Professional Bike Rider - How to Ride a Bike


  • Before start riding learns basic pedaling, steer, turning, keep balancing, momentum and how to stop. Without this, our mentioned tips and techniques will not work efficiently.

  • The first tip is don’t do brake and steering at the same time especially while doing front braking.

  • If you using clip based pedals try to learn its using system. That is how to fix and release or stop it in a short time. But if you are using ordinary pedals, always try to keep the pedals in horizontal point.

  • After pedals, you must concentrate on shifting gears. Though using lower gears is commonly recommended but when you crushing on the uphill put the gear in a high position to get high speed. For downhill lower the gear plus pump the brakes to decrease the speed.

  • Whatever the gear speed you are using, don’t shift it diagonally. It may create an accident. Always try to maintain a chain of gear.

  • When turning, slowing even stopping it is best practice to use hand signals and let others to go on.

  • Look back to your shoulder while turning out or jumping.

  • If you are passing through a narrow tunnel, underpass or a dark area just climb the lane instead of driving fast.


Finally, do you believe cycling or biking is nothing but a healthy and enjoyable way to travel and experience the beautiful outdoors either in the hilly area or Snow Mountain or even on the roadsides? Whatever the mode is if you are intelligent and smart about learning you must apply above techniques. Because these all very easy and self-applying tips but of course it can help you to improve your performance along with comfort and safety when riding.

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