How To Move A Peloton Bike – Step by Step Guide

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Peloton bikes can be a great addition to anyone’s home gym. It can be connected to the internet via an app on your smartphone. As Peloton’s instructors offer live video-streamed classes, everyone can use this bike as a personal trainer. Currently, there are more than 2 million members of Peloton clubs across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The confusing factor is a lot of people don’t have any idea of how to move a Peloton bike. It is because it’s a complicated big-size bike, and not everyone has the knowledge or expertise to move them safely. Unfortunately, if you’re one of these people, then this post is for you!

In this blog post, I will discuss the overall step-by-step process of how to move the peloton bike itself. Here are some tips on transporting it from the store to your home or any other place without too much trouble.

How to remove peloton screen bike plus


  • For this purpose, we highly recommend using the official peloton bike moving service to ensure any bike damage cannot happen during transport.
  • Additionally, to avoid unnecessary damage, we suggest removing all necessary outer parts such as pedals, touchscreen, water bottle holder, sweat guard, weight holder, etc.
  • We also prefer to adjust handlebars, flywheels, and seat posts to the lowest position and fully tightened to not move during transport.
  • You can also wrap the removing parts and seat and handlebars with a blanket, towel, or any bubble wrap as an extra precaution.
  • To protect the bike from being scratch, you can use tape or bungee cords around the bike.

How to remove peloton screen bike plus

  • The Peloton bike screen is the most sensitive part and is prone to break easily while moving. So, you must take extra precautions while removing and moving the peloton screen.
  • First, switch off the main power supply of the screen and unplug the screen power cable.
  • Then just pull out the screen plastic cover. It will automatically remove. After that, with the help of an Allen key or Philips head screwdriver, loosen all the tightening bolts and nuts of the screen and gently remove the screen out.
  • Gently do it without a hurry. It may help you to prevent falling from your hand. Keep the bike screen in a safe place.
  • If possible, wrap it with a towel. Follow the same procedure for peloton bike also As the screen is an expensive material of peloton bike tries not to mishandle.

How to move a peloton bike upstairs

How to move a peloton bike upstairs
  • If you have stairs in your home, you might find it difficult to move a peloton bike from one floor to another floor. You can try our suggested steps while bike in upstairs.
  • First, put on the “X” shape dolly harness into the back of your shoulders and connect all the buckles.
  • Then up the bike on the left side ad slide the lifting dolly strap under the front and back part of the bike.
  • Keep one mover on the other side and follow the same procedure. You should place both the straps at 2 feet distance from each part. Ensure both your straps should point down away from you.
  • After that, adjust the strap on both sides if necessary, and now you can lift the bike, pushing against it with arms.
  • Do this slowly when lift to maintain maximum balance? Now you can start moving your legs and slowly go upstairs. Be careful while moving stairs and at the same time help another person to move to the upstairs.
  • Take out the harness and other straps from your shoulder and move the bike slowly to your room when you complete staring.

How to move a peloton bike to another house?

Peloton bike comes with easy transport wheels. So to move your bike into another house by using wheels.

For this, use 2 people on the front and backside of the bike and lift it slowly. Hold the handlebar tightly while moving and maintain a slow-moving to avoid an accident.

Will the peloton move my bike if I move? Yes, definitely your bike will also move when you move to another house. Roll the bike carefully, and when you reach very slowly, lower the bike down and bring it to a normal position. You can also put a mat under the bike to avoid scratches.

How to move a peloton bike downstairs?

Follow the steps of going upstairs. Instead of moving up, you have to move to the downstairs. But don’t forget to use the harness, straps, and lifting slowly. To do this work, you need 2 persons to complete the task hassle-free.

How to move a peloton bike in a car

  • Find someone who is interested in moving a peloton in a car for you and go with you and do it yourself.
  • Get a big, sturdy box that fits into the bike and put plenty of packing material inside so that everything fits snugly.
  • Use packaging tape to close up any holes in the box before taking it out of your car or truck.
  • Take precautions by gently putting the box down so it won’t shake too much when bumping into something.
  • Drive slowly when moving peloton in SUV. And finally, you will get your dream bike into your home without damage and scratch.


Moving a peloton bike is not easy. Imagine moving up to 30 pounds of equipment with no wheels or handlebars! It takes time, patience, and careful planning to move your favorite workout machine anywhere.

This post helps you with how they plan to safely transport this bike. I hope you have enjoyed it and will be able to follow the instructions.

Thank you.

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