How to Maintain Bike – 7 Maintenance Tips

How to Maintain Bike ( Last Updated 10/26/19)

Who doesn’t like to take care of their bike? Definitely, we all love to see our bike always in new condition but the question arises when we face some difficulties. For example, it may be wheel wobbles, loose spokes, and worn brake pads and so on. That’s why regular maintenance is highly required before the bike gets too old. This is nothing but cleaning, lubing, degreasing, wiping, re-lubing etc.

Although there are hundreds methods available but to make your work easier we have come up with seven natural and easy-to-apply formula. We expect , you will be able to establish in your dailies life.

Avoid Rough Weather:

The first and foremost job for bike maintenance is to keep your bike in dry indoor space rather than storing outside open places and always avoid moisture, rain, dirt and fog. Keep remember, this types unwanted environment can damage your parts without even notice.

Check for Any Mechanical Failure:

This is very common and very quick and easy steps to find out any problems with your bike. Just before riding or in leisure time you can thoroughly check every parts and component (tires, wheels, brakes, seatpost, handlebar stem, helmet, chain, gears etc.) for any mechanical impairment.

With this checking, you will get to know whether your all components are ok for riding or not and you can repair if necessary. For repairing we encourage to use Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench and make your bike ready for driving within some minutes.

How to Clean Bike Components?

This is under weekly-work and you must do it on regular basics. But how to clean an old bike? Here, we will give some bike cleaning tips which you can follow to do by yourself else you can ask for bike cleaning service to make your bike brand new.

As wheels always filled with grime, mud and metal substances use simple water and toothbrush or brush and soap water to clean it.

The other parts you can simply rubbed or scrubbed with soap water or cleaning solution. Its very simple and straightforward.

But for the gummy parts like chain, bottom bracket, pedal or aluminum handlebar you ought to use degreaser element. Its available in the market and avoid kerochine, Mobil or fired products.

Necessity of Lubrication in Bike

Lubrication is one of the main important task of bike maintenance. As this stop your bike components of being junk up unreasonably you should use best bike lubricant to give a live of your metal piece movement. Use bike-specific lubricant which is not too thin not too thick and you can apply in all pivot points such as gear and brake cables, derailleurs, pedals, fork, suspension components, spokes and other places if it is required.

How to Pump a Bike Tire?

This is also one of the most vital bike maintenance you must concern. The speed or the efficiency of bike riding depends on the proper bike tire pressure not more or not less. For this reason it will be best practice to keep a hand pump with hose or pressure gauge always. It is also necessary to learn how to pump a bike tire without a pump and with a pump by yourself.

Make a Habit of Tighten All the Parts

Sometimes we do not care of tighten the cycle equipment’s until unless it gone damage or expire. It is true we must repair or replace the faulty parts of bike as soon as possible but do you think we can avoid this hassle if we simply put tight to the parts regularly? Of course, we can prevent this by grow a habit of giving tight to all nuts, bolts and other loose connections with a screwdriver. This is also helpful for stopping unconditional banging and ratting sound.

Do Repair of Bike Components If Needed:

Although we are here about bike care but you must also be ready for repair work if any part got broken or cracked. You may need to do change, replace even adding extra components to the bike. Good news is, if you are serious about maintenance job then your repair work will be less and easy. Most of the work is cool and you can do it yourself by using a bike stand

This is all about bike care or mountain bike maintenance system. As mountain biking is most popular sport now a days, all this methods are applicable for them also. Apart from this if you are the beginner or pro-biker you can absolutely follow this guideline and get rid of excessive bike maintenance cost.

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