How to Clean Your Peloton Screen

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If you have a peloton, you might want to know How to Clean Your Peloton Screen? It’s not only you but everyone’s question if you want to be your bike tread pristine and safe. With an unlimited abundance of home gym equipment, a peloton is a good choice to exercise at home a bit more often.

However, its screen is expensive, and it needs to be special attention too. Just like another electronic device such as a plasma TV or flat-screen TV, LCD, you should dedicate some time to make it dust rise due free.

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How To Clean Your Peloton Screen

How to Clean Your Peloton Screen

The Peloton Screen:

Just like other flat-screen peloton screen does not have a specific size. Each size depends on the bike model, which cuts across the equipment. Usually, a standard peloton bike has a 21.5” screen, and a peloton + bike has 23.8” screen.

On the other side, screen size is different for the tread model. For normal tread, it’s 23.5” and for tread+ its 32”.

Despite the size and configuration variance, one feature is common to all screens. It has an HD touch screen. So, the cleaning process is a bit tricky, and you have to be careful while cleaning.

For cleaning, we often feel dilemma which solution would work better. For example, can you use Windex on the peloton screen? Or the specially made electronic cleaner would work better to use. From my point of view, if you and your family members using a single peloton bike for a good workout, you should implement a cleaning routine at first to keep your bike new and other members safe and healthy.

As the screen comes with a tip-top shape with a delicate nature, you should always try to hold back the original appearance. It’s not so tough and very simple. The best thing is you don’t need to invest a huge investment in cleaning and maintenance. Plus, you don’t need to spend a whole day to make the screen dust-free if you know the right cleaning process.

So, to give you some fingertip on how to clean the peloton touch screen, I have made this post. Instead of using traditional peloton cleaning vinegar, you can use some reasonable-priced cleaning solutions to properly clean your peloton screen.

How to Clean Peloton Screen?

The first point to remember before start cleaning is don’t spray or wipe any cleaner directly on the screen. It can damage the screen on your fingerprints and even cause the breakdown of components while wiping the electronic device.

So, start with a piece of microfiber cloth and spray disinfectant spray. Get it a little damp, and then clean the screen with the wet microfiber cloth. It’s the easiest option to make every nook and cranny looks beautiful. This spray is also a eucalyptus scent to remove odors and kill 99% of germs. It is used as both a cleaner and air freshener and gives your room a spa effect. These are also electronic-friendly and work without any marks on the screen.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can use eyeglasses solutions or a suitable screen cleaner for LED touch screens. You can spray it directly and wipe it out with a microfiber cloth.

Once you clean the front screen, you should clean the monitor with a wet microfiber cloth and make it dust-free. Also, clean every angle of the touch screen to get the correct inclinations.

You can also use different wipes as there are the best wipes to use for peloton bikes available. But it’s only for cleaning the back part. For cleaning the front part, you should use only a microfiber cloth.

It’s necessary to do cleaning gently and slowly. It’s an expensive device and tough to replace in terms of both money and convenience.

Last, try to perform the cleaning after every usage and maintain it like in this way. It won’t take more than 5 minutes. But in case if you cannot do it, you should clean on alternative days.

 Using Peloton screen protector:

At present, you can get the peloton screen protector to cover your screen. A company called Drip accessory make this protector, which exactly works like a mobile screen protector. It’s a screen cover and comes for both ordinary and tread peloton versions.

You can also change it whenever you want. It’s just like changing the headlight of your car. When your headlight becomes dirty, it will reduce the bulb energy. A touch careens also works in the same pattern, and by changing the screen protector, your screen brightness will also increase. So, if you want to avoid the cleaning hassle, you can put these screen cover as a dust cover and see the difference.

How Should I Clean the Peloton Screen?

A peloton is an indoor exercise bike. It can also be dusty, rusty and dirty. So, it’s advisable to clean the bike after every use and do as much as you can clean. As this belongs to an HD touch screen and very sensitive, try to use an electronic wipe to change and manipulate the sweaty workouts.

If you can do this daily, then once in a week or once every two weeks, you can do a thorough cleaning both in front and backside.


as the peloton screen is come off with the bike and you don’t need to buy separately, you should always maintain the cleaning process of what I have mentioned. It’s not time-consuming work, and you can follow any occasional cleaning process. Although I have discussed a number of processes of How to clean the peloton screen but to prevent an accident, you can remove the screen and place it in a safe place for suppose if you have children at home. It’s also better for those who won’t do exercise regularly.

Anyway, make your screen much faster by properly maintaining it, and I expect to uphold the durable screen as always.

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