How Much Effective 2 Hours on the Exercise Bike a Day

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Think about how much effective 2 hours on an exercise bike a day. Impossible, right? But the truth is not at all. You can if you want, and the effect of this exercise is unbelievable. Each resistance band will help you to build up your muscles when paddling each time. Also, by adding more tension, you can easily keep up this post-workout session for the whole day.

So, if you have an exercise bike, probably you are not going to ask the question again “ How long should I ride for 1 day” because you are going to ride for continuous 2 hours and now interested to know the brilliant result out of this workout.

2 hours on the exercise bike a day

Many people think that you won’t get the desired result from a stationary bike as you can get it from the treadmill or other exercise machine. But this idea is totally wrong. If you can put your effort and maintain it constantly, you can also get the expected result from an exercise bike.

So, if you plan to ride 2 hours a day, you can hit 2,000 km by the end of the session. So roughly, you will burn 800-1000 calories if this practice keeps going on.

But with that, you must maintain a proper diet and follow the entire month. As everyone is unique, the result may be more or less somewhat different, but it will work.

However, instead of 2, if you do it for 1 hour on a stationary bike burns how many calories? Let’s get to know about this:

1 hour on a stationary bike burns how many calories

For measuring calorie burn, a stationary bike has many options. Because you can choose and pre-set programmed workout, and by adjusting the resistance, you can fix the time manually.

Furthermore, in a stationary bike, calorie burn is determined by the intensity of your ride. So, if your weight is 120-pound around and you can ride at a moderate pace, you will burn 420 calories by riding.

Thus stationary bike 60 minutes a day is enough for endurance gaining. Also, if you can push yourself more, you will burn more calories. Suppose a 180-pound person can burn nearly 700 calories after riding for one hour.

However, if you plan to do cycling every day for 1 hour before and after, you must maintain some rules. It is not a hard and fast rule, but for getting better results, it works best if you can follow this:

Cycling every day for 1 hour before and after

  • Drink plenty of water both before and after a workout. If possible, include soda and drink. This water will help your weight loss and fill up your stomach for a long time. Plus, it will energize you to perform more activities within a short period.
  • After 1 hour of continuous exercise, try to take a heavy healthy breakfast as soon you finish the work. Don’t try to skip a meal and include lots of fruits and vegetables in the morning breakfast. Some people starve themselves and go crazy when they have lunch. It is not going to work.
  • In the intermittent time, try to have good fiber protein-based snacks. It will energize you instantly and absorb the food immediately. A slice of cheese or fresh fruits can be a better option.

For weight loss, the same rule has to be followed. So, let see how cycling 1 hour a day weight loss works.

Cycling 1 hour a day weight loss

It depends on the intensity and bodyweight of the person. So, if you are around 170 pounds and continue workout for 1 hour at medium to low pace intensity, you can burn 550 calories. But if you have less weight, you will lose more calories.

Again if you can do a high-intensity workout, you will burn more and more calories. So, don’t ever feel intimidated. Continue with one hour every day and enjoy the result after one month.

Cycling 3 hours a day

According to some famous cyclists, continuously doing 3 hours cycling a day is not preferred. You can feel extremely weak and not going to burn more calories.

Especially at the beginner level, it’s not at all required. However, any experienced person can do cycling maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes. Not more than that.  And one thing, instead of cycling, he or she can involve another endurance exercise to get maximum health benefits.

Final verdict:

Now it’s clear how much effective 2 hours on an exercise bike a day is. For well-being and a good mood, try to follow the rules. Be happier and calmer always and avoid unhealthy food.

Thank you.

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