Top 7 Best Knee Pads MTB Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide

Knee pads are used as a compulsory item for cyclists nowadays as best knee pads mtb. Though it’s a safety gear, it becomes a necessary item because of durability, comfort, and overall protection improved in huge steps.

Recently, different knee pads come in lighter, better looking, and more breathable than they have ever been. You can now see people wearing knee pads out on the trails. We know we don’t want to get hurt, and also it’s hard to predict when you will get crash. But in our own experience, it happens only because of in our innocuous piece of trail that causes catastrophic injury!

So, what to look for in the best knee pads mtb? As you know, comfort is a crucial consideration, so check out our top 5 recommendations rated MTB Kneepads and see if one of any item fits your criteria and give it a go.

These get the job done. I use them for mountain biking after injuring one knee multiple times. My knees have thanked me since. I wear these on the outside of compression tights and they never slip out of place. I am 6’1″ 185lbs and measure circumference of 14.5″ below the kneecap, 16/5″ at the kneecap, and 17″ above the kneecap and the Larges fit perfectly.

  • Comfortable GelFit gel cushion and foam design
  • Abrasion-resistant 1680D fabric – Built to Last.
  • Pro EVA elastic leg straps comfortably hold their place without cutting off circulation.
  • High side wall greatly reduce twisting off of the knee. Protective Knee Pads with Anti-slip.

Top 7 Best Knee pads MTB Reviews 2019

It’s well-known that no sports activity cannot be stratified safe unless taking safety measures. As safeness plays a vital role in any player’s life, we must start a habit of maintaining safety for reducing accidents problems and minor injuries as well. So, you might be indoor or an outside player and searching for a reliable gear to shield you from harm or sprains? Then apparently you’re within the right place. Because we spend thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing different knee pads and elbow pads and advocate JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 In 1 Protective Gear Set the most effective picks for many shoppers.

Because it’s a complete kit, designed particularly for normal players, in contrast to most different packages, JBM isn’t solely restricted to be used by not only bike riders but also used in skating, cycling, biking, etc. overall it’s a universal product and has versatile uses. Furthermore, the color style and performance all combined in one sleek kit comes at an affordable value, and have to be compelled to suit several users.


  • The plastic protectors on gliding joint on wrist pads serve in case of forwarding falls.
  • The pads keep staying in places tightly while not returning off even throughout intense movements
  • Stronger and sturdier than several different brands
  • More comprehensive and extensive thicker straps to supply further protection
  • Pleasantly lightweight and don’t create the player feel forced or constrained.
  • The package included knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.



Bottom line: For beginners, JBM adult gear set is the neatest thing you’ll be able ever to obtain while not a regret. So, create for the availability and buy the three in one gear set.

Buying the right elbow pads and knee pads are essential for any and every seasoned player. Knee pads function protecting measures to stop scrapes, burns, and bruises and provide all the protection as you involve yourself in gaming both physically and mentally. Thus, trendy pads have excellent and glorious making a simple strategy that typically contours to your knee. Therefore you’ll barely know you’re sporting them in any respect.Such this type is Innovative Soft Kids Knee and Elbow Pads with Bike Gloves.

These knee guards and elbow pads are surprisingly versatile and flexible for kids and toddlers. You’ll be able to wear them well for long hours because of its well fabricated and lightweight style. Additionally, it won’t affect your speed or weigh you down as they’re designed to shield your knees while not limiting your movement. with this, your kid can enjoy safely fancy riding anytime at any inside or outside activity


  • All the knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves from Simply kids are made from 3 layer style, sock absorbent materials and gives an elegant look of each pad.
  • For increasing arms and knees motion its knee pad and elbow pads are made by following revolutionary-soft pad technology.
  • Each pad is reusable. That means its washable, flexible, and made of breathable net. So, it protects you from skin rashes and other harmful allergies.
  • Its an ideal pad for any types of outdoor activities (BMX biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, mountain biking, cycling, and so on). So invest once and get used to for many sports.
  • If any problem or replacement issues arise means, you can exchange easily as because it has a complete 1-year warranty and full refund policy.



Bottom line: As these are sturdy and stunning designs and cool colors, we advise using for numerous indoor and out of doors activities.

The Launch Enduros knee pad made of a soft pad of what you need in warm weather warmer. Similarly, they’re unrestrictive but perfect for providing excellent protection against any bumpy areas and bruises you always handle on the trail.  If you are going to make your first experience  Fox Head Enduro appearance or a seasoned veteran, or even started to find seduction, fox head will win in every hard trail.  Because its pads are lightweight, cool to slip on and can deliver functional protection without any bulk.

It offers knee-cup protection with an abrasion-resistant strong outer panel, ensuring maximum coverage and resilience. When you want to get something sexy knee pads, then you should think about Launch Enduro at least for once! Because these are very slim which fits nicely under any pants or shorts without being visible. There is also no restriction to movement. Even after wearing them a couple of minutes, you will forget that something you have worn.


  • It’s Lightweight, slip-on and provides full functional coverage with a soft knee pad,
  • Although it’s available from small, medium to large size, the true size depends on the thigh and calf circumference.
  • Its neoprene chassis are Articulated and perforated and delivers an ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • It has abrasion-resistant knee-cup-area padding with a sturdy panel that ensures more durability
  • Its lightweight rear stretch panel means it allows a nonbinding range of motion with the moisture control system.



Bottom Line:  If you are finding something with comfortable, light and reasonable price with maximum protection nothing can beat Fox Head Launch Enduro lightweight knee pad

Do you know any protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads won’t make you super dashing cool man, but it can help you ease the impact of injury or a significant fall. Have taken this protection under consideration Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads have several hard crashes over the years and we always interested in finding ways to enjoy the maximum benefits of these pads.

You cannot believe it, but it provides severe protection with its D30 durable, high-performance material. Moreover, this knee pad has an integrated Kevlar in the front panel for scratch resistance. Typically Kevlar is a shield type that saves your knee guard getting scratched unnecessarily when you hit hard to the mountain or rough ground.

Therefore considering all of its mind-blowing facility, you will get these knee pad surprisingly lightweight, cozy, and heavy-duty protection in affordable budget. So, go for Demon Hyper X D30 if you want an alternative for thin knee pad.


  • it’s Pro X D3O Soft Cap is an exceptional piece of soft shield and allows long pedaling time without any irritation issues.
  • This knee pads stay in place in any situation. No matter where are you going.
  • Its D3O absorption system is excellent for protection, security, and support.
  • The well-made armor or pad protective covering has excellent durability,
  • it’s so comfortable and protects thighs and knees from minor scratches and major crash impacts.
  • The stretchy elastic back fits well to the knee and its nooks and crannies ensure secure support to knees and armor.
  • The giant wrap around the front portion provides ample protection during fall overs, crashes, and general banging.
  • They also have excellent side coverage and padding to protect the tender joint locations.
  • These are compact and easy to take on and off and make it simple to store in your pack



Bottom line: Demon Hyper is an all in one comprehensive pack.  If you go for mountain biking or snowboarding or even anything, it involves high impact. So Demon Hyper is the best choice.

It’s for the adventurer who wants something dashing in between their protection and the dirt; the POC Joint VPD Air knee Pads are for them to deliver the same. It has light-duty impact-absorbing material and abrasion-fighting pad. With this, it’s also lightweight and covered with VPD padding. Furthermore, a non-slip neoprene sleeve is there for flexible protection and confirms more comfort on rides related to both pedaling and descending. It does not stop here. It also has a hook-and-loop crash holding strap that helps it stay in place. So hit the dirt or ride all day without any constriction or discomfort with POC – Joint VPD Air Knee pad.


  • Reinforced stretch fabric and impact absorbing VPD compound
  • Elastic strap for a snug fit
  • Neoprene anti-slip layer on the inside
  • Designed with a shallow profile
  • Excellent protection, shock absorption, flexibility, and super comfort.
  • The pre-bent molded shape of the knee pad stays in place.
  • Robust and stitching materials, overbuild excellent construction with the VPD 2.0 Knee pad.



Bottom line: If you want to get a perfect comfortable and overall safe armor product, please order POC – Joint VPD Air Knee pad now.

Do you want your shin guards to be Robocop style, robust, strong, well-being accident prone and finally great fit for body and protection? Then, look no further and check for Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee/Shin Pad.

We assure it will be great for full knee and ankle protection as well as easy to wear and take off. It is also all season friendly and not at all harmful for skin. Likewise, it stays in place for tight straps and Velcro ends. Furthermore, it won’t let you sweat so much for ventilation and made in hard shell based shin plates and follows “X-UP” strapping system.

Altogether, it has great breathability, comfortable to paddle, worth of buying, good coverage and pretty bomber in protection.


  • Fox Racing Safety Best Knee Pads MTB is a true performer in herd shell knee/ shin guard game. The hard shell provides ultimate protection and confidence of being falling while performing jumping rides.
  • Its perforated and spongy neoprene pad offers extra comfort and breathability.
  • It consists of a smart standard and pre-curved ergonomic design.
  • It has Integrated front plastic large knee coverage
  • Abrasion resistant and stretch Kevlar knee areas
  • With straps, it wraps around the full hook to loop closures
  • It is made of synthetic materials and a unisex shin guard
  • Comes in stunning black colors in pairs.
  • As the guard has a strap system they make “x” shape to fit the leg. This helps to stay in place while riding in a dirty place or jump in a mountain. That’s why it is called “X-UP” strapping system knee guards.
  • Available in small and medium size



Buying Guide: Best Knee Pads Shin Guards MTB

It is perhaps the most important question when buying best knee pads MTB. What to consider when you are buying a knee pad that has more coverage, secure snug fit, thicker padding, fit all and more importantly is it trendy and hot item and easy to pedal. So, by keeping all these in mind, you must also consider below factors to get your dream knee pads.

Sizes – Knee pads are available in overlapping or single sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Individual formats offer a better fit with pads and knees. But always try to get beforehand because the sizes vary according to manufacturers.

Chassis – Chassis is nothing but the base material which should be lightweight to make the pad very light. For the majority of kneepads are made either with Lycra or a thin neoprene. A soft Kevlar cover is also used often over the knee area to increase scrape resistance.

Gripper – Gropper is a must to stop unwanted movement. Usually, lightweight pads have silicone gripper or an elastic hem. It looks like Lycra short. Silicone made gripper has a silicone tape can cause.

Style – Obviously style essential role in choosing best knee pads MTB. But we request you not to go with only exclusive decals or colors. Try to find out the best that suits your personality. Luckily, the renowned bike industry knows very well about riders choice, taste, and they made accordingly.

Velcro Strap – To batten down the hatches some knee pads come with an additional Velcro strap, either at the top or bottom. While buying try to get a long strip of Velcro and a belt. Because it doesn’t narrow down and bunch up when you pull it tight.

Smart materials – It’s obvious to look. The strong protective cap, impact-resistant foam, D3O, etc. are high-tech materials. Because smart materials are often stiffened under impact and ultimately reduce the amount of force you felt at the knee. Also, they are lighter but more expensive.


There are thousands of different types of best knee pads Mtb are available. But knowing exactly what to look out for can challenging. Therefore, to help you make a wise decision, we have written this article. We properly outline of what you need to consider minimum while getting knee pads and also suggest a collection of the best pads available. We hope this guide helpful in picking the best MTB Knee Pads to fit your needs.

Thank you for your time.