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Do you want your shin guards to be Robocop style, robust, strong, well-being accident prone and finally great fit for body and protection? Then, look no further and check for Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee/Shin Pad.

Fox Racing Launch Knee Pads MTB Review
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We assure it will be great for full knee and ankle protection as well as easy to wear and take off. It is also all season friendly and not at all harmful for skin. Likewise, it stays in place for tight straps and Velcro ends. Furthermore, it won’t let you sweat so much for ventilation and made in hard shell based shin plates and follows “X-UP” strapping system.

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Altogether, it has great breathability, comfortable to paddle, worth of buying, good coverage and pretty bomber in protection.


  • Fox Racing Safety Best Knee Pads MTB is a true performer in herd shell knee/ shin guard game. The hard shell provides ultimate protection and confidence of being falling while performing jumping rides.
  • Its perforated and spongy neoprene pad offers extra comfort and breathability.
  • It consists of a smart standard and pre-curved ergonomic design.
  • It has Integrated front plastic large knee coverage
  • Abrasion resistant and stretch Kevlar knee areas
  • With straps, it wraps around the full hook to loop closures
  • It is made of synthetic materials and a unisex shin guard
  • Comes in stunning black colors in pairs.
  • As the guard has a strap system they make “x” shape to fit the leg. This helps to stay in place while riding in a dirty place or jump in a mountain. That’s why it is called “X-UP” strapping system knee guards.
  • Available in small and medium size


  • Asymmetrical design
  • Comfortable  Stays put and stable
  • Easy on-off without remove shoes 
  • cross-strap security
  • vented hard shell plates
  • X-Up strap system -Lightweight-Relatively cool-Good protection-comes in standard size 


  • Put-on might be confused for the first time.
  • Best to use several times before start for a ride.
  • You may feel heavy for the hard shell.
  • You may need something beefier for DH 
  • Took a while to get adjustment right 
  • The attachment was confusing at first 

FAQ’S: For Best Knee Pads MTB

Is it all weather protected?

Ans: Yes. This guard is comparative hot in winter season and worm in the summer season. In rainy season also it maintains minimum humidity.

Can we wear socks?

Ans: Yes you can wear but you may not feel comfortable in. Because the strip may not fit properly with knees and legs over socks.

Would this pad move or slide while ride?

Ans: No. it holds the position tightly but get the pad according to the exact size while buying. Only size difference can make the guard move or slide.

What matters should be a concern while buying knee/ shin pads?


  • Age and height
  • Body weight.
  • Pad Materials.
  • Leg length
  • And you’re other requirements.

How does this pad protect the leg and knees?

Ans: it has hard rigid plastic covers in front back and side of the knee. An elastic band also surrounds the knee area used for protection also.


This is all about fox lunch pro knee pad review and this is only for world best pro bikers who are craving to win the mountain. We can say its toughest body makes and protection layer can make you aggressive to attack the event with 100% self-confident.

so if you want to go faster and bigger without fearing wicked rash road or pedal smack then stop contemplating and just go and get them. We expect you will not be disappointed and rather it will be worth the use of money.