8 Coolest Features of Peloton Bike Plus

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This year due to the pandemic, sweatpants become casual workwear because of not going to the gym. At the mid-pandemic time, I took a peaked and got peloton Bike+.

Recently it got an updated version and included significant hardware and software. Although I feel the new Bike + is less expensive than the treadmill, it still got a hefty price tag.

As like me, many people shifted their fitness routine from the gym to their own home. Certainly, they will get something extra in this member-requested innovation. The original peloton bike is also not bad, but you will not get some excellent features such as automatic resistance control, swivel monitor, etc., in this debuted model.

So, I would like to take a closer look at the coolest Features of Peloton Bike Plus so that you can know how worth and durable it is before invest. So, let’s discuss the latest edition and join peloton family members.

8 Coolest Features Of Peloton Bike Plus

Coolest Features of the Peloton Bike

Automatic Resistance system:

It’s called the auto-follow feature on Peloton Bike+. Its newly added and made a big differentiator from its previous model.

This optimal feature allows you to simply touch the auto-follow lock image, and the bike resistance will automatically set up in a resistance what the instructor recommends.

Suppose if you want to set your resistance in a high range, the auto-follow lock will set the resistance to the higher and vice versa. So, according to the instructor announcements, your resistance will change. In this, you will find another suitable feature of using an auto-follow lock image.

Because this yellow line goes around the circle, indicating how much time is left for an interval.

Swivel Screen:

I appreciate this feature. And most customers become the biggest fan of this addition as it allows the large HD screen to rotate fully.

To enjoy your boot camp classes, you can rotate the HD screen completely in 360-degrees coverage. Yet instead of 360-degree, rotating in 180-degree on both sides is first preferable, but you can do it anyhow. Just try to rerate the screen in a smooth motion to cover all the areas and angles.

The other important thing to remember while rotating is you have to down the angle while rotating. Else it can hit the handlebars. As the peloton Bike+ screen is 2-inches bigger than the traditional peloton, the swivel rotating will especially help you perform the floor classes.

App-based community:

In Peloton Bike+, the app is itself is the truly remarkable option for a home-based workout. Each and every instructor of this App is highly motivated and skilled in delivering workouts.

The bike program has a set like that it can create engaging and efficient workout to every piece of equipment. Although it just provides a virtual training program but every instructor is good and explained every program professionally. Plus, you can also enjoy a vast community, nearly 3 million people, under this App.

Thus, you can challenge others to reach your goals and get different motivation badges. Because according to your performance and improvement, this app will provide you badges as an inspiration.

Class Variety:

The Peloton Bike+ offers thousands of online classes ranging from resistance band training to cycling to boot camp. According to the user’s lifestyle and intensity levels, it caters to all types of training platforms to assist every level of people. Additionally, all classes are updated and added constantly by following a specific format of the users. Pilates workouts, Barre sessions, different band classes are some of these recently added classes the user can follow every day.

Durability and Aesthetics look:

Peloton Bike+ is available in black color with sleek, well-made modern design. It has got high-end, sturdy construction so that if you use it continuously for three-four months, it will not need any re-calibration. A few upgrades of hardware are available and also have essential measuring metrics. 

You can count your resistance level, speed (cadence), calories, powered output, and heart rate. Likewise, it also has modified water bottle holders, weight racks, and raised lettering Peloton logo on the body.

I also found cleaning this bike easily if you can regularly give a gentle wipe by using the cleaner every day. Although for touch screen it needs special electronic cleaner and microfiber cloth and sure you will be satisfied after seeing this classic changes to the improved Bike+.

Adjustment Knobs:

The new Peloton Bike+ has an upgraded adjustment knob to adjust the height of the seat and handlebars. 

The knob is small and smooth to adjust, and the user won’t get any problem while maneuvering it for the first time. I have asked lots of customers regarding adjustment knobs, and they are absolutely fine with this feature.

 It also gives a more sleek design, ergonomic looks and makes it more intuitive to use and adjust. However, the lever used for adjusting the seat is a little depth, but it’s easier to handle and move. So, it’s the biggest improvement compared to the original bike.

Improved Sound System:

The system of the Peloton Bike+ has got improved upgrade sound system that stands out. Its sound functionality and user experience are much better as it has a front-facing speaker. 

Whereas the older model has back-facing sound, this model also has a higher capacity for wattage sound. It provides clearer sound quality with an immersive sound experience all the time. 

As the headphone jack is in the front part, you can also enjoy sounds while using handlebars. Furthermore, its front camera is also appreciable to take sweating pictures instantly.


Peloton Bike+ expressly has a bike set-up team to provide better home service. They usually set up the bike and do another necessary test regarding assembly, app, and uses. So, once you buy the bike+, you don’t need to worry about fixing it or how to use it. 

Because the team will explain everything about adjusting and using the appropriate seat, handlebars, sound system, setting up the profile, and lots more.

Final thought:

Peloton Bike+ is ideal gym equipment for multi-users at home from adult to older. So, I hope you have already been impressed by its features and planning to get it in a single investment.

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