35 Fastest Weight Loss Exercise | Start from Today

Fastest Weight Loss Exercise

A Details Guide for Fastest Weight Loss Exercise As the holidays are very close, it means only one issue: Food and Food and Food. The best thing that happens in holidays is we completely lose our control of eating and like to eat until our stomach gets full. Well, even … Continue reading

How to Maintain Good Health for a Student | Top 5 Tips

Maintain Good Health for a Student

Maintain Good Health for Student Staying healthy for a student is quite challenging. Many students realize it tough to keep up a healthy way as they used to get lectures, classes continuously, reading and writing assignments essays in short time, plus extracurricular activities, work commitments, and overall tight budgets and … Continue reading

How to size a bike chain

How to size a bike chain

Now all modern bicycles chains are made of steel plates, a rivet or pin, sprocket teeth, and a roller. The rivets hold both the plates together, and rivet and sprocket teeth pivot freely with the roller movement. Typically all chains come 1.5″ pitch, but this may differ according to the … Continue reading