Exercise Bike Display Not Working – How to Fix It?

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There are many factors to take into consideration when using an exercise bike. Such as how it will be used, where it will be stored, and how to repair it if your favorite exercise bike display is not working?

Sometimes they can have this problem and make the bike unusable. For example, if the display is not working, you will be unable to see how many calories you have burned or what time it is. It’s important to understand why they work and why they don’t work at all.

If this happens to you, don’t worry. Read the rest of this blog post for helpful information about how to fix an exercise bike display not working problem. By following this, you can solve the problem and ensure you are getting what we paid for.

Why exercise is the bike display not working?

Exercise bikes are great for burning calories and toning your body. But they can also be disappointing to use if the display on the bike is not working or suddenly stopped working.

Maybe your exercise bike collecting dust in the basement and doesn’t work properly. Or maybe you spent hundreds of dollars on a new exercise bike only to find out the display is broken. It can be frustrating when a piece of equipment doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

The other reason may usually be you won’t troubleshoot common display screen and console problems, and finally, it becomes damage. Maybe your screen was damaged by water droplets from an overhanging tree branch or because someone spilt their drink on it.

How do you fix the exercise bike display Problem?

If the display on the bike isn’t working properly, it could cause you injury. Whether you’re trying to keep track of your speed or calories burned, there’s no need to stop exercising because of this problem. Because we’ll give an overview of how these displays function so that you can understand why they might not always be working.

First, check for loose connections with the electric components. You might have a connection that needs tightening or one that has come loose from its socket. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then go ahead and replace any faulty wiring.

Find a replacement wire from an electronics store near you (make sure it matches what type of wire you need) and get the wire. Replace the old torn wire and solve the display problem.

How to do exercise bike LCD display replacement?

To maintain general health exercise bike is a great addition to everyone’s life. But it can be hard to know when it needs a repair. One common problem arises if the LCD display on your bike stop is working.

The LCD display is easy to read, even in bright light, so there’s no need to squint or strain your eyes as you pedal away. And since the console is built into the handlebars, it’s always within reach and out of the way when not in use.

If your exercise bike’s LCD screen isn’t working properly, don’t worry! It could be an easy fix that doesn’t require any special tools or parts. If there is loose wiring, you can fix it by yourself. However, if your display gets damaged, you have to get a new LCD monitor and connect it with your exercise bike.

Why is the ProFoam exercise bike display not working?

Why display not working?

When you use the ProFoam elliptical, you may notice that its electronic display console fails to turn on when you power up the machine.

You may also find that the proform exercise bike display is not working, and the readout is simply going dim. Because of these, you may face difficulty while seeing the reading.

In the worst case, the reading may also show you inaccurate data and make the workout more difficult to continue.

How to fixed the proform exercise bike display Problem?

If you encounter this type of problem, you may need to check the bike console. For this, turn off the machine and turn it on the back again. Suppose you experience the same change in the console battery. ProForm requires 1.5V D batteries. Do it, and I hope you will not face the display problem.

For the readout, the problem removes the flywheel plastic cover and reorient the magnet of the flywheel. It will give you the correct reading.

Why is the Schwinn exercise bike display not working?

Why display not working?

If you have Schwinn and you found the Schwinn exercise bike display not working, maybe this happens due to the shipment of the bike.

However, if you have the old model and see this spin bike monitor not working, it’s clear that you didn’t maintain the cleanness of the monitor.

The other problem is usually for the Schwinn bike is often its start button got loose, and therefore no light-ups on the computer.

How to fixed Schwinn exercise bike display Problem?

So if you face this problem first, you have to check the power at the electronic outlet. If it’s ok, then you should move the change the display batteries.

By using fresh batteries, this problem may solve. On the other hand, if your bike uses an AC adapter, you may get a display problem because of that. So, replace the adaptor and enjoy a nice display.

Marcy exercise bike display not working

Why display not working?

We like Marcy because it has got quiet magnetic resistance and make the workout easier when watching TV. But you may see Marcy exercise bike display not working, and you will not be able to see your performance.

It mainly happens if the tension of the magnetic resistance does not work properly. Sometimes the magnet becomes wearing out and needs to change or replace the monitor.

How to fixed Marcy exercise bike display Problem

If you face a display problem in the Marcy exercise bike, first get a set of batteries and fix them into the display console. If it does not work, then change the oil to the tension knob. It will solve the resistance problem, and your display will start working again.

Sunny exercise bike monitor display not working

Why display not working?

In Sunny health exercise bike, the display screen is attached to the laptop blocks.

You can get without attachment also and as laptop desk is nice and slim fit it’s a fantastic part of a display screen. Because the screen is built slightly up in the exercise bike sometimes, you may face display problems and having difficulty looking at your performance.

On top of that, if you have a battery issue, then the display may not give you accurate data. Sometimes it showed you blank and fragile. The reason for this is the display panel is slightly up on the laptop table.

How to fixed sunny exercise bike monitor display Problem

To solve this problem, you have to replace the display panel and re-check again. You can also think of replacing the screen if you find it’s too small. With all of this, new battery installation is a must. To do this, use an Allen wrench and remove the bolts of the screen. Then fix the new battery and screwed it again.

Reebok exercise bike display not working

Why display not working?

Reebook, particularly the ZR10 exercise bike model, uses a self-generating battery recharging power system to allow more flexibility in exercise. It also comes with 12 pre-set programs and 3 parget programs with a big LCD display monitor.

Sometimes this monitor shows you inaccurate results because of your chilly mistakes while using the bike. As it does not have any charging issue, you may see its console providing the output in the different units instead of the “KMH” or “MPH” unit.

How to fixed the Reebok exercise bike display Problem?

To solve this problem, you need extra care while doing exercise. Like, avoid moving your hands while using a pulse sensor to get an accurate heart reading. You can also use the resistance button if your heart rate is slow. But don’t hold metal components for more than 15 seconds to get the correct result.

Also, clean the handle with a soft cloth instead of abrasive chemicals.

Kettler exercise bike display not working

Why display not working?

The display problem of all exercise bikes is almost the same. So, if you have a question about why the Kettler exercise bike monitor display is not working, the reason is pretty much similar to the bike mentioned above. There is no exception. But the solution may be different as Kettler is a different belt drive exercise bike.

How to fixed Kettler exercise bike display Problem

Of course, you should change the battery and see whether the display is working or not. If not, then remove the cover under the rubber wheel and check the tension working or not. You may need to tighten the tension with the screwdriver to get the correct reading in the display monitor.

Aweslo exercise bike display not working

Why display not working?

Because of malfunction or electrical related problems, your Weslo exercise display may not display on the screen. After pedalling frequently, nothing will show in the display unit. It mainly happens for mechanical problems or, as we told before, battery problems.

How to fixed Weslo exercise bike display Problem

Weslo requires 4AAA batteries, and it’s very easy to get. Just insert it on the back of the console and see the assembly rate. With this, adjust the reed switch and remove the left pedal resistance cover and left shield to get an accurate result on the display screen.


Hopefully, you have gathered all details information if your exercise bike display not working properly and what you can do to fix it. So, find out your specific problem and solve the display problem by following our guide.

However, if you have any other information feel free to share it with us in the comment box, we love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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