How much should I cycle a day to lose weight?

If you want to be healthier, trimmer, lighter, and not to mansion, get fitter. Cycling is a great option you can add to your daily routine. Scientists found nearly 25 reasons to love cycling as an enjoyable activity. Also, it’s more efficient and easy to slot in a busy day. … Continue reading

How Much Effective 2 Hours on the Exercise Bike a Day

Think about how much effective 2 hours on an exercise bike a day. Impossible, right? But the truth is not at all. You can if you want, and the effect of this exercise is unbelievable. Each resistance band will help you to build up your muscles when paddling each time. … Continue reading

Schwinn Child Carrier Review

schwinn child carrier review

If you do not want to wait till 8-9 years to carry your child with you on a bike then you can have a look at Schwinn Child Carrier. It’s a frame-mountain rear seat and fits almost all adult bikes. Besides this, it’s easy to maneuver because of its quick-release … Continue reading

ibert Bike Seat Review -Safe T Front Child Seat

ibert bike seat review

ibert Bike Seat Review! Hey young buddies, do you want to make your youngster super excited with biking experience? Then, get iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat child carrier seat by today and see how smoothly a completely unique way you can share your ride with the little one? Before writing this … Continue reading

Top Rated Best Knee Pads MTB Reviews 2021 with Buying Guide


Knee pads are used as a compulsory item for cyclists nowadays as best knee pads mtb. Though it’s a safety gear, it becomes a necessary item because of durability, comfort, and overall protection improved in huge steps. Recently, different knee pads come in lighter, better looking, and more breathable than … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Under $200 Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Under $200

In the bike world, you might be wondering if getting the best mountain bike under 200? Practically, if you want to get performance and visibility equally in your dream bike at a good price you might feel insure as there are hundreds of bike categories are available with lots of … Continue reading

How to size a bike chain – Step By Step Guide

How to size a bike chain

Now all modern bicycles chains are made of steel plates, a rivet or pin, sprocket teeth, and a roller. The rivets hold both the plates together, and rivet and sprocket teeth pivot freely with the roller movement. Typically all chains come 1.5″ pitch, but this may differ according to the … Continue reading