Is It Still Safe to Go to the Gym in Coronavirus? Here’s What a Doctor Says

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Is It Still Safe to Go to the Gym in Coronavirus

Gyms are just like other public place in an indoor environment. It can be easily become a house of coronavirus by doing direct or indirect community transmission. In general, there is a high-risk rise in gyms identified in an area for most cases of coronavirus. Because “In any place where a large number of people get together at any single time for a period of time, that place may contaminate with peoples microorganisms or even germs,” says Tierno.

As coronavirus mainly spread through respiratory droplets (it released when people cough and sneeze), there is a chance to get affected by touching that contaminated surface. In other words, in the gym, people share dumbbells and another public machine each other, and if a corona affected guy coughs or sneeze by standing near that equipment, other people get infected by this very easily. So with knowing or without knowing they could leave their germs on the bands, dumbbells, and cardio equipment and even door handles and spread it within a minute. The more critical situation if the types of equipment not cleaned, the germs properly may survive a couple of days and hit the gym.

Should you continue exercise, or avoid the gym?

As there is a high chance of getting infected via the gym, so it totally depends on you. Whether you want to go to the gym for a workout or skip it, however, for our aspects, skipping exercise should not be the answer to this question. Because doing the regular workout is extremely important in these corona days from a health perspective. Because Erica Lubetkin says, ” I want all of my patients to continue moving every day as this keeps the immune system and body in prime condition and make the body ready to fight against infections.” She also added, “Exercise always regulates autonomic nerve system properly and keeps it in balance position by reducing stress.”

So definitely you can go to the gym for a workout by maintaining some dos and don ts. As per Dr. Whyte’s recommendation, you should take some precautions during gym time to avoid the outbreak of coronavirus.

How Can I Stay Safe at the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

  • The best habit would be to go to the gym at off-peak hours as there will be fewer people at the gym at that time. Or else always maintain social distance during peak hours.
  • Always maintain people coughing and sneezing courtesy and avoid other people who cough and sneeze frequently.
  • At least maintain 6 feet distance from most of the people.
  • Within one hour, wash your hand properly with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for 20 seconds. You must also carry a towel to wipe out the hands.
  • Try to touch your face, nose, eyes, mouth unnecessarily with dirty hands if you have to wipe out the sweat using a towel or disposable paper towel to wipe your sweat. After that, throughout in the dustbin. Never reuse it as it can spread the germs.
  • Wipe down each and every equipment with alcohol-based sanitizer before and after use. Many gyms provide disinfectant sprays and wipes with 60% alcohol or chlorine-based. So, try to use that and maintain personal hygiene.
  • Never lay down on the floor and always use a towel for sitting on the floor. You can also wipe out the surface and wait for 30 seconds to make it dry. Then you can put a mat and start doing exercise.
  • If it’s possible, have a shower after a workout immediately at the gym. It highly recommended maintaining cleanness and hygienic as well.

These are all the steps you can maintain while doing a workout at the gym. Hopefully, you will not be infected by others and also not infect others. But on top of that, if you feel fever, dry cough, or tiredness after going to the gym for a couple of days, we suggest you stay at home. Dr. Whyte said,” You need to be medical care and tested.” So, in this situation, go for self-quarantine and avoid coming to the contract with other people.

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