Bikehand Tool Kit Review | Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench

Have you ever face flat tire or tire puncturing, loose derailleurs and brake cables connectivity or may be your chain worn-out in the middle of the way. Particularly it creates a terrible situation if you want to replace the brakes or pedals but not able to do so because of necessary best portable bike tool kit.

As we all know these are all very simple work and the rider can fix itself but this become a great hassle if you do not have emergency bike repair toolkit with you.

Bikehand Tool Kit Review

Apart from this, to keep your bike well-running, improve performance and make the bike long lasting a well-chosen bike multi tool is must. Therefore if you want to start collecting essential bike repair tools from now on-words, you have to gain more experience in additional tools. With this, do not forget to apply your own mechanical skills.

Now, when you will go for buying you will be confused with lots of best bike tools brands and names such as Park tool kit or bike tool kit Walmart but we suggest you first to make a bike tool kit list. Then you can decide the essential bike tools to carry yourself. Usually you can buy all the tools separately or in a box. We advise you to invest once and go for box option. Because you will love the collections and at the same time get to know about all the tools together.

So, introducing you with our modern bike tool bag / box called Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench. It has got unbelievable 48 items that needs your everyday bike maintenance. From tire levers to whole bottom bracket tools you will get in a single cage box including torque wrench, chain tool, quick link tool etc. In a words, it will work as bike servicing workshop and save your pocket from unnecessary cost.

Let’s see the features to know more about Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool


  • The Bikehand bike tool kit has every tool which you need for light to medium type troubleshooting of bike. It is comprehensive and probike tool kit consist of complete 48 items.
  • It has a number of puncture repairing tool and works great for brakes, chain, saddle and light too.
  • It comes with torque wrench which you can use for professional perfact fittings.
  • All the tools are nicely arranged in a tough case with super flexible handle.
  • If you wants to do small repair at home you can use strong chain tool comes with this tool box.
  • Consequently you can also do chain replace and cleaning through its quick link tool.

Finally its steel based tools are made of tough heat absorbed steel. So, you can easily understand how durable its steel components are!

The Box Includes

  • Allen wrenches
  • Hex wrenches
  • Open-end wrench.
  • Cable cutter.
  • Bike chain cleaner.
  • Chain brush.
  • #2 screwdriver.
  • T25 torque wrench and lots more.


  • All tools are in single case.
  • Perfect for over-all repairs.
  • Portable tool box.
  • Easy to carry.



  • A bit expensive.
  • All the tools may not needed.
  • Tools are poorly made.


What is the last setting of torque wrench?

Ans: 2 NM.

What is the maximum range of torque wrench?

Ans: 24 NM.

Does it contain crown race setting tool?

Ans: No. it does not have.

Final verdict:

With some limitation still Bikehand Bike Repair Tool is a good option for beginner and expert rider. However, it may feel less useful if the user does not know to use all the tools. But, if they get to know we sure they will feel a worth use of money and component.