5 Essential Bike Workout for Hockey Players – Increase Your Performance!

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Hockey is one of the best endurance-testing games, no dough in that as you need to adopt the body and stick through a comprehensive exercise routine. Activities like TV-to-fridge sprints, couch luge, laundry hamper 3 point shooting is a sort of fun program. They really won’t related to hockey conditioning workouts.

On the other hand, you need to improve your strength of different muscles group and increase your aerobic fitness to play hard over time. Out of lots of exercises, bike workouts can help you out to improve your balance, stability and enhance your ability to stake hard on a stand-still. Because it said that biking can be a basic phenomenal way to increase the conditioning of hockey players.

As biking is a non-impact play, so bike exercises for hockey players are helpful in many ways including running, jumping, joint-sparring for players especially with knee and ankle issues. It also assists in resisting any type of injury and provides quick healing from it.

The other measurable point is biking could be the best exercise for hockey endurance. Because this workout not only controls the intensity level of players, but it grows an ability to play in all weather conditions and running spaces.

Bike Workout for Hockey Players

Bike Workout for Hockey Players

Hockey players can take biking in several ways. one of the best ways is to take a bike workout in the interval training for hockey. But there is obviously some protocol you need to maintain while riding a bike after a hockey game. Generally, this workout considered a “post-workout” or “stand-alone workout.”

Whatever the workout is to make you understand the intensity, we use the RPE method. Its Perceived Rate of Extension, which means you will do a 10/10 workout in the highest level of intensity. If possible, 5-6/10 would be fair. Then the “rest” period is technically considered to remain active so that the athletes can move continuously instead of simply sitting. So, let’s see the workout system by using these terms:

Dynamic warm-up with extra emphasis on hip extension

These warm-up practices are the most basic version of “pre-hab” type work which helps to create a healthier body:

Bike workout 1: Start with bike riding at a moderate 5-6 pace for 2-3 minutes. Try to complete all the assign rounds in the mentioned time and getting off the bike for 1-2 minutes after complete each round. Its for a break and to start with the next series. The total length of the bike warm-up session would be 15-20 minutes.

  • Series A: 20:40- bike 20 seconds followed by 40-second rest at 9.5/10 pace. Repeat five times.
  • Series B:30:30- bike 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds rest at pace 9/10. Repeat 3 times.
  • Series C: 15:30- bike 15 seconds followed by rest 30 seconds at pace 9/10 or higher. Repeat 3 times.
  • Bonus: 10:15 –Bike 10 seconds, followed by 15 seconds rest at pace 9 or higher. Repeat 3 times.

Players must set up an optimal bike position

Although this sounds silly most of the players just jump into the bike and start riding without checking the position. It is totally wrong and unfair. So, before start riding, every player should take at least 45 seconds to set up the bike properly. Its called optimal bike position, and it includes right leg ranges, adjusts the handle/ seat to prevent slumping position. These all are important to an intense workout. Now you can start with a bike workout technique.

Bike workout 2:  First, do a warm-up session for a couple of minutes. Now complete all assigned rounds properly in a series. After that getting off the bike and take 1-2 minutes to break before starting with the next sessions. Here the total length of the workout would be 10-15 minutes.

  • Series A: 2:1-Bike 1 minute followed by 30 seconds rest at pace 8.5/ higher. Repeat 5 times.
  • Series B: Bike 4 minutes continuously at a moderate pace, 7/10.

Bike workout 3:  The same way you do the warm-up session, and the total length of the workout would be 10-15 minutes.

Series A: try to complete all the following rounds at a 9/10 pace. Repeat 2 times maximum:

  • -10/10.
  • – 20/20.
  • – 30/30.
  • – 40/40.
  • – 50/50.
  • – 60/60.

After round 1, you can continue the entire series. You also have an option to take the rest and continue the workout.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Long duration activities such as stationary bike workout, running, jogging is good for improve the endurance level of hockey players. Although it’s true for hockey anaerobic condition helps to develop the speed and acceleration long time exercise also develops their cardiovascular condition. Therefore you can do a bike workout in the following way:

  • Start with a warm-up for 5 minutes.
  • Then bouts 85-100% maximum effort 1 minute.
  • After this, the high-intensity workout takes an interval and walk/run/jog for 3-4 minutes.
  • Repeat this interval pattern for 5-10 times, at least.
  • Finally, end up your workout in 5-7 minutes and take a long breathe and cool down.

But don’t forget to consult with health concerns before you start with the exercise.

Tabatta protocol

According to the research of Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Tabatta is a high-intensity training program. It’s not only better aerobic exercise but also anaerobically conditioned exercise.

It simply breaks down into a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio. It means 20 seconds of high-intensity work with 10 seconds rest. Typically it’s suggested to do 8 rounds per exercise, and you can do it by using biking easily. For hockey players, tabatta has a significant effect. Because it can achieve cardiovascular output and increase the strength and size due to resistance of the sprint phase.

Tabatta is one of the best protocols for high intensity with short-duration exercise. So you can do it twice a week by following 30 minutes per week session. Of course, this will increase your cardiovascular endurance as well as leg and body strength. So starts out now and see where it takes.

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