Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Reviews In 2021

Last Updated- 11/12/2019 ( Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 )

In the bike world, you might be wondering of getting best mountain bike under 200? Practically, if you want to get performance and visibility equally in your dream bike in a good price you might feel insure as there are hundreds of bike categories are available with lots of features, prices, weight, seat height, displacement, extra component using features and so on.

That’s why we have made these excellent buyers guide to make you feel that you can obviously get the best mountain bike under $150-$200. Before built these reviews, we have researched about different bikes parts and components, performance, reputation, warranty along with riders comfort, handling mechanism and finally most wanted pleasure.

Thus, just browse the whole guide and select your favorite one. Additionally, you can also get to know the latest prices from our mentioned link and place an order if you are ok with the requirements.

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike under 200 Reviews

Now, let’s get started with the most straightforward question,” Which is the best mountain bike under 200“? In order to answer this question more simply, you can follow below top branded mountain bike list.

As per my concern, you will get the exact idea from this best mountain bikes Buying Guide and it will assist you to take the right decision.

Do you prefer a hardtail mountain bike? Particularly if you want to drive your bike naturally without a workout. Hereafter out of hundred hardtail bike we have chosen Kawasaki K26 Hardtail Mountain Bike. There are a couple of reasons that Kawasaki proves. Additionally, its integrated features, price range, and performance attracts every teenager to adults. It promises to cover the maximum distance with minimum effort.

You will get all the benefits (steel frame, wide tires, alloy rims, 18 speed, twisted shifters, V-brake, removable seat) like suspension bike and extra hardtail feature can make you capable of driving any surfaces within the shortest time. We hope, you will able to trained up first if you have Kawasaki K26 hardtail bike.


  • It consists of a resilient steel frame to tackle all types of roads and competition.
  • Its resilient style front side fork assists you to come over any pavements or difficult paths easily.
  • Now come to its speed. It has got 18-speed drivetrain with easy pedaling ever. Its seat can also be comfy you when you need to change the speed.
  • Apart from the speed, it has Shimano index type twisted shifters and extraordinary linear pull brakes.
  • Lastly, you will also feel excited with its Shimano gears and 26″ wide tires over the wheel.



Quality-Full Hardtail Bike:

We suggest to get you this hardtail bike instead of costly suspension bike if you are truly haunting for Best Mountain bike under 300. As we all know hardtail bikes are costlier. So, why do you want to miss this great opportunity?

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike is built for agility and countless response in every ride. The rigid aluminum MTB frame used for giving maximum support and keeps the vibration minimum on the rough and tough trail. Moreover, its hydroformed tube, front suspension fork, Shimano twisted shifters work nicely on bumpy space by full controlling.

You might also notice a unique drivetrain technique that provides optimal brake and gearing at any situation as it consists of the 3-piece crankset and multiple gears.  Regarding wheels and rims, it has got light, durable double alloy rims with 26″ wheels. Do you know it’s an excellent choice as this type of motor can maintain the total weight of the bike while driving or change the direction more rapidly? Although it does not offer hardtail its construction and wheel hub design ensures maximum protection and nimble handling.


  • It supports any downhill and flat surface riding as because it consists of 21-speed Shimano derailleur and SRAM shifters.
  • As the model named 26″ wheel status 2.2, it has alloy rims, V brakes and three-piece crank for natural stopping and starting.
  • The frame is also made sturdy with aluminum and geometry shape.
  • For effortless driving in the tight area, it has a full suspension fork, riser handlebar.
  • What else! You can do anything with Mongoose.



Best Bike for Beginner to Intermediate Riders:

If you are an intermediate rider and wants to enjoy riding with creasy Mongoose Status 2.2, Mountain Bike would be the right selection. We suppose you will also agree with us and make a new history in bicycling.

It is Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike and trendy best mountain bike under $200. Notably, it has 65, a dual suspension fork for both in front and rear side — most of you unknown about this exceptional feature you can get only in Best Mountain bike under $500. As suspension fork provides extra safeties to the rider, you can easily get these extra benefits in this bicycle. Likewise, it also has a disc braking system with linear pull brakes, Shimano twisted shifters, and tourney derailleurs.

Apart from this, it has a soft padded seat, 36-spoke alloy rims, Vitesse wheelset, and the adjustable saddle. So, if you are ready to get a bike experience that you have never thought yet, add Kent KZ2600 to your buying list and have unlimited fun with it.


  • Protection is the primary key point of Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension bike and comes with a 65mm suspension fork for cross over bumpy area securely.
  • For ensuring better control and travel-friendly, it made of an aluminum frame with 26″ width. Therefore, no chance to break easily.
  • Its braking system is also made outstanding. For the front wheel, it has got a disc braking system for maximum weather protection. The other rear wheels it has linear pull breaking system for making the bike so speedy.
  • This bike is also extraordinary for shifters and striking derailleurs. Most of the motorcycle has ordinary derailleurs whereas Kent KZ2600 has 21 speed Shimano shifters and tourney rear derailleurs.



Nice speedy bike:

If you want to make your sports day as a winning day without injured yourself badly, you should have an in-depth look at Kent KZ2600 Dual-Best Suspension Bike. For now, you can check the price, and if you are ok with it, you can immediately proceed for an order to enjoy the nice speedy bike.

Do you have a dream of the cross the bunnyhopping and all tough sites in between? However, you might concern about the bike budget as you know hardtail mountain bikes could be expensive. But here we have come up with Dynacraft speed alpine eagle road/ mountain bike to make dreams come true within a reasonable budget.

It is the best mountain bike under $200 and available for both men’s and women’s. An ordinary hardtail mountain bikes mainly work on wheels rather than suspension, and along with this Dynacraft eagle, the model works on index derailleurs (21″) and both front/ rear V brakes.

Besides this, it has Shimano grip shifters which work great for changing gears and resin levers. Furthermore, no one will ignore its outstanding stunning constructions, stiffness, performance and easy maintenance system.


  • To make the ride adventures, smooth and reliable, it has got 21 speed Shimano index with grip shifters.
  • We particularly like its lightweight steel frame, durable steel shock fork as the frame has the power to absorb all the fork.
  • Its brakes are also made of solid steel and maintain full control and power while riding via front and rear V brakes.
  • Moreover, it has a padded bike saddle that helps seat adjustment and easy to assemble.
  • Its rims and wheels are also noticeable. Because its rims are alloy and have the knobby tire. Its wheels also 26″ wide and both rims and wheels are super light and strong.



As the name suggested, it is perfect for both road and mountain riding. So, Dynacraft alpine is only for them who wants to enjoy daily rides as well as for mountain rides thus, if you are one of them you can quickly check out the details and order your favorite color by today.

Our next selection is Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 folding mountain bike which you can fold within a minute and store or carry anywhere. Do you have an idea or not but folding mountain bikes are generally expensive and made with the exceptional component?

Likewise, stowabike 26″ is not apart from that. In fact, it comes at a reasonable price with extraordinary features (Dual suspension, 18 speed, quality component, well-built, great appearance) and incredible outlook. So if you are in a hurry to go and looking for a portable bike this might be the best option for you.

However, do you know how to fold? Just loosen handlebar and seat clamp with a small Allen wrench and fold the front wheel, fork handlebars. Here you’re ready to move.  Or you can pull the lever up and the bike will auto fold. It’s so easy and handy.


  • It’s undoubtedly a smart selection as it has a durable and tough long-lasting exterior.
  • To provide the auto performance, it has dual suspension system and 18 speed Shimano derailleur.
  • Due to its folding system, it comes in a lightweight and compact size. Its only 67.3×23.2×55.1 inches and after folding it becomes 38.2×12.6×29.5 in size.
  • Although the age limit starts from 12+, it can carry up to 750 pounds as it has spring shocks and alloy body.
  • Furthermore, you could not resist its fosters traction and 6-speed grip shifters on the right side and 3-speed grip shifters on the right hand which reduces unnecessary jumping on the road.
  • Finally, its V-shape steel brakes give you comfortable riding anywhere.



To sum up, it is absolutely the best and best option if you are travel-friendly and searching for high-quality, compact, mountain bike under budget

Move to our next choice which is made for women purpose well-built Huffy women’s alpine bicycle. Huffy does not care about whether this bike used for fitness or recreational purpose but it believe its quality, comfortness, compact design that women need must for riding the first-to-last mile seamlessly.

From beginner to average cyclist Huffy alpine always gets the priority because of its liber pull brake system, agile frame, soft handlebar, great gears and fork, smooth and springy padded saddle and lots more features. Thus, have you already decided to get huffy for your wife or daughter? Or you need some more information as you are going to get it by yourself? 

Then keep going on reading and let’s see it fits your personality or not?


  • Usually in women’s bike the straight top tube placed in slope way so that she can sit and ride comfortably. For this aspect huffy fulfills 100% as it made of the hi-ten steel frame. That’s why its lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • It has 18-speed thumb shifting gears for easy adjustment to all terrains.
  • It is now coming to its brakes, hand grips, and fork which you will also like most. As because it consists of liner pull brakes for easy stop/ start, soft krypton grips for driving smoothly and Kolo 1200 standard suspension fork for absorbing the extra shock when required.
  • We couldn’t but love its soft padded saddle, 26″ giant wheel if you use once you get to know how enthusiast to enjoy funny riding with huffy alpine!



To end with, we can confirm you if you want to get a decent bike (good materials, components, paint color, configuration) within a reasonable price you can go for huffy women alpine bicycle by closing your eyes.

Finding a top quality mountain bike under $200 for girls especially can a bit of minefield, but luckily you’re in the right place, and it’s possible if you have Mongoose R3577 Girls Maxim Best Full suspension 24″ bicycle.

However, you might think this bicycle may cheaply, and all the materials and components are poor. Well, regarding construction its genuinely not and it won’t be. Because it has an aluminum frame body with full suspension fork and frame, 21-speed derailleur, SRAM twisters, 3-piece cranks, and super adjustable height options.

Thus, we must say you will not miss out or heartbroken if you get Mongoose R377 for your adorable girl within the budget restriction. All over, it’s not only an unbelievable bicycle for daily uses but also adventures riding.


  • The most and most noticeable point of this bicycle is it has aluminum ally metal frame with smack dab at the center.
  • Its wheels and tires particularly made to absorbing socks and easy movability.
  • Its dual suspension and Shimano 21 speed gear shift ensures girls safety riding.
  • Moreover, it has got high-quality liner pull brakes and SRAM based twist shifters for climbing any slopes or riding any terrains.
  • Likewise, it’s tired is 24″ thick rubber based and 3-piece independent crank drivers help the rider to avoid bumpy and discomfort area.



So, from a price point of view and riding strategy underlying it’s a promising good for best beginner bike for adults.

Kent T-29 Men’s mountain bike has always been a market leader under best mountain bike under $200 price bracket. Particularly Kents 29″ T-29 model down the competitors due to the frame features, quick, easy driving system, less maintenance, handling method, and overall superb performance put it back into the upright pole position.

On the other side, we have included this bike in our enlisted product because you will enjoy out of box frameset, RS25 shifters, TZ31 derailleurs, 29″ well-built ramset, knobby tires and lots of expensive features. Do you know every year without mistake Kent T-29 stays well-ahead of the mountain bike competition? Therefore, you can check out the latest price and other details and order if you want to make the worth of your money.


  • Like other pricey mountain bikes, this bike made of 6061 heat proved aluminum frame. It will not break easily.
  • The other parts made of light but strong materials. For this, it’s lightweight to carry anywhere yet sturdy.
  • Its suspension is pretty awesome and has hardtail front suspension. It allows smooth riding in a bumpy road.
  • Moreover, its 29″ giant tires ensure easier handling of bike whatever the pavement is like we/ muddy surfaces, stones or debris surfaces and all.
  • Likewise, it has Shimano RS25 shifters for swift-moving and TZ31 derailleurs for efficient riding.
  • The crankset is quite wide with 170mm, and its tooth rings made of durable steel with 28, 38 and 48mm size.



Although a lot of change has made in this T-29 version, that’s why if you want to feel fast and efficient in bad weather or dull trails driving this bike would be perfect for you.

Northwoods is a world-famous bike manufacturing brand in the USA. It provides almost every type of bike, bicycles, types of equipment and services. Out of dozens of models, we like its Pomona version. Because as it’s a comfort bike its bang-on-trend, full five-star score best cheap mountain bike. Particular it has good wheelset, trial-ready gears, brakes and suspensions, easily upgradable components and grippe front tire.

Furthermore, you will get slack of confidence and well-reputation riding experience through Northwoods Pomona. As comfort bike is only for short distance and used for family outings, you can check for this bike first. Why this is means like ours, you also believe comfort come first in relaxing or any enjoyment.


  • It has got 26″ aluminum wide wheels for easy movement and 36- spoke super alloy rims for smooth riding.
  • Its aluminum made but durable, lightweight and convenient.
  • Regarding speed, it has got 7 speed twisted shifters for fast riding.
  • Consequently, it has got a full-cover chain guard and dual suspension.
  • Apart from this, for good controlling it has fitting steel handlebar and quick release bike saddle ergo.



Lastly, Northwoods Pamona would be simply near of your top list if you want to enjoy an amazing riding within a limited budget. 

Huffy hardtail mountain bike summit ridge version is our last but not least top 10 best mountain bike under $200.

It belongs to hardtail or full suspension bike category which sequentially needed for climbing Rooty, rocky, muddy mountain places.

As we all know balancing is highly necessary for riding in the mountain and we are pretty sure you will be pleased with huffy hardtail bike’s handling system, wide wheels, full suspension fork, 6/21-speed gear, SHIMANO TZ-31 derailleur, twist shifters, rising handlebar, and many other costly extraordinary features. Furthermore, it’s not only a lightweight, portable full suspension mountain bike but also eco-friendly, full-on up and downhill junkie, fat tires decent hardtail mountain bike you have ever seen.

So, if it generally meets your all expected criteria, you can think of look into details price and configuration.


  • It available in 4 different models named summit right, Tekton, Exxon and escalate. We will see in details about the summit right which has a steel frame and comes in 90% assembled.
  • It’s KOLO 1200 suspension and 21 speed over cross all types of tertians.
  • Consequently, its fork handles, a limited lifetime warranty is an ideal selection for every Youngers.
  • Moreover, its SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur added with exclusive micro-swift twisted shifters where both are necessary for constant gear operation.
  • For supporting back and shoulder from unnecessary pain it has slight-rising handlebar system, 3-piece Kolo cranks and ATB- type pedals.
  • To feel more comfortable it has Krayton grips, alloy wheels, and amazing kickstand. Therefore it’s clear that definitely, it provides better service.
  • What’s more? To deal with rusty dirt paths, it has 24″x 1.95″ knobby tires and linear pull brakes.
  • To give you maximum seating comfort, it has ATB saddle, padded seat,
  • Height adjusted quick release handlebars etc.



In summary why we like this product means its perfectly made for adult mountain driving. Hardly you will get all these features in an inexpensive single bike like a Huffy mountain bike.

Guideline for - Best Mountain Bike Under 200

You must be aware and careful while select best mountain bike under $200. Because you can get a couple of amazing advanced features in this budget which you cannot get an expensive bike. Again, here we have also discussed some limitations under this budget bike. So, keep on reading our short guideline to buying the best quality bike.

Wheels – Anyhow you will not consider any weak or fishy materials wheels. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate rider that does not matter but always look for a bigger size, plastic made polycarbonate wheels.

Features – Clarify all the features including suspension system (single or dual), fork (front or rear), brakes, handlebars, shifters (twisted or straight) and so on.

Loading capacity and bike size – These two are very important to observe as loading capacity and bike size both are related to your body weight and height. Therefore, choose the bike according to yours are highly recommended here.

Style – We advise not to look for any stunning style gorgeous looking bike if you are serious about your budget under $200. But this does not mean you will not get the decent bike. But if you really want a cool look, you can check Best mountain bike under $300.

Final words

It’s not a difficult job to find out the best mountain bike under $200 if you are confident about your requirements and our reviews. We highly expect you will like our reviews and the guidelines given to you to select the appropriate bike.

Because your target must be looking into the affordability VS bike component VS intended use which you will observe in our listed product. Therefore, if you have fixed up your ultimate goal is to buy a top quality mountain bike which suits your affordability try to get it from our enlisted products and enjoy riding with fun, love and thrill.