Top 6 Best Fitness Tracker for Teenager Reviews in 2021 – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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Getting the best fitness tracker for teenager is no more a daunting task nowadays. As fitness watches specially designed to help them stay active when they are running or doing exercise, they can have more and more fun with it.

In addition, this activity tracker also encourages the parents to stay up to date on their children’s activity levels. So, from all of these aspects unaccountably, a fitness tracker is just for adults.

Now get into the point of what sort of work you can measure with your activity tracker. Basically, it can count your overall daily activities, including your daily steps. You can also set up daily goals of your movements and also monitor sleep. Although some fitness also offers an attractive gaming facility, if you are purely wanted to know about your health and exercise condition, a fitness tracker can help you the most.

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Best Fitness Tracker For Teenager

What Features  You Will Look When You Think To Buy a Best fitness tracker for teenager

While choosing the best fitness tracker for teenagers, always look for something precise version. There is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, calorie tracking, step tracking, distance tracking are available and consider these options also. Some people also look for some bonuses like an intuitive app, Wi-Fi compatibility, MP3 player compatibility, etc. but always look for the best deal around. So to make your work easy and by thinking accuracy, usability, price, quality, and durability, we have designed the Top 6 best fitness trackers for teenager Reviews in 2020. I hope you will like it and buy the best-suited one.

Our Top Pick!

Best fitness tracker for teenager LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch for Men & women (Waterproof )

Major Features

  • Intuitive HR Monitoring
  • 14-Sport Tracking & Connected GPS
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Daily Fitness Tracking

Top Rated best fitness tracker for Teenager Reviews Below

Smart Watch for Men Women Kids

best budget fitness tracker
Enjoy your truly fitness tracker with Lintelek Fitness Tracker. It has multiple color choices, an accurate heart rate monitor that can track everyday steps calorie consumed, distance, including the record of exercise duration and average pace.

The screen is big nearly .96″ and no need any USB charger cable to run the tracker. In addition, it also displays the incoming call, messages, and SNS- social media such as Facebook, Twitter notifications. You can also easily know your sleeping quality by knowing the information. Such as how your sleep was, how long have you slept, will you wake up in the morning, etc. you can also set the alarm and sedentary alert for waking up or have medicine or doing exercise and so on.

Lintelek also has a remote camera and GPS tracker to map your sports route. Its comfortable, fashionable, and adjustable for any age kids and teenagers because it has an anti-lost strap and 14 workout activity to meet your needs every day. Finally, it also supports IOS 7.1, Android smartphone, and it’s a quality fitness tracker that not perform cheaply.


  • Wrist band and pedometer
  • Time display and calorie counter.
  • HR monitor and alarm
  • Connected GPS via mobile app.
  • Call, SMS and SNS notifications
  • IP67 Waterproof but not suitable for swimming.
  • 1 Lithium-ion batteries required
  • Suitable for 5.4- 7.6-inch wrists

best fitness tracker for Kids, Women and Men
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker marked one of the best trackers for children, and that’s why we have included this in our guide. Because this tracker has numerous features like large and nice display, uses OLED technology, and comes with vibrant colors. OLED technology means it turns really black color when it turns black. On top of that, it has a decent battery life, wonderful design, and a plethora as well. You can easily cover a full 2 weeks with a single full charger at a time.

Furthermore, excellent tracking capabilities is yet another reason you should hook up this tracker. It can track sleep, movement, time, distance, heart rate, and calorie burned with a big heart rate monitor. So, from selling point of view, this tracker is a galaxy fit, and I promise you will never restrict anything once you used to with that.


  • It consists of a stationary function.
  • It tracks heart rate from the wrist
  • Tracks distance the wearer travels each day
  • Has a built-in sleeping tracker
  • built-in USB charger
  • Smart health manager
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Call and message notification
  • 14 sports management
  • IT provides GPS tracking.

best fitness watch for Teens
Our third product is the Garmin vivosmart 4 fitness tracker, which is one of the best most accomplished trackers in its range of health bands. This device is not only for serious athletes but also for fashion concern teenagers who would like to wear a different, crystal clear features based elegant yet durable fitness tracker in his hands.

In the Garmin fitness tracker, the screen is bigger, longer battery life, and it’s great for general wellbeing and recovery who wants to clock up miles through the tracker. Also, it has the most advanced impressive sensors that can monitor the oxygen level in the blood.  It also allows you to measure sleep quality and identify sleep apnea. Finally, it also connects the GPS system to the smartphone, and it’s perfect for setting in the gym.


  • It’s available both in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large.
  • Its made of silicone strap, Polycarbonate lens, and aluminum bezel
  • A USB charger and Lithium-ion battery operated.
  • Water-resistance up to 50 meters.
  • It can track step, distance, calorie burned, heart rate, stress, and recovery, pulse rate, etc.
  • Follows OLED technology.
  • Different sensors like 3 axis-accelerometer, barometric altimeter, heart rate monitor.

best fitness tracker for teenager boys & girls
MorePro is especially great for women who want to track their menstrual cycle through fitness tracker. Based on the data you give, it can correctly evaluate your period date. Rather than this, it also has many special features, and by connecting via the app, it can be a piece of art definitely because you can use it on phone cameras and get smart notifications in your device.

Plus, it can track GPS trackers and definitely help you got long hiking. It has a USB charging port by which you can do full charge by only 1.5 hours, and you can use it for the 1-week minimum. What else! It has a fatigue testing limit, heartbeat tracking, and blood pressure tracking system. You can also set up your sleeping schedule and prevent a sedentary lifestyle by using this tracker.


  • Waterproof tracker
  • It has a reminder function
  • In-built USB plug
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • GPS tracking system

best fitness tracker watch for Men Women Kids
If you are currently looking for a reasonably priced fitness tracker, the Willful smartwatch may be a remarkable option for you. Since this is a Willful product, I found this tracker design is brilliant, and now I am intrigued to five the true review of this wonderful fitness tracker. Like another expensive tracker, it also has some basic to advanced level features. Such as this tracker work throughout the complete ecosystem, its sensors control all the situations (distance, time, sleep, heart rate, speed, etc.) and its supported all IOS and Android version of smartphones.

It’s not only a stunning looking tracker, but it’s vital for all sports tracking and waterproof resistance. So, you can use SW350 Willful in driving, swimming without having a fear of damage. At last, this tracker also provides you all types of messages (SMS, MMS, SNS) notifications instantly.


  • 14 training modules available
  • Heart rate monitor sensors and can also detect sleeping time.
  • Silent vibration alarm with never disturb modules.
  • Receives all types of calls messages notifications including SNS (social media notification)
  • Completely waterproof tracker and best for swimming.
  • It comes with a 96 LCD color screen with HD image quality.
  • Long-lasting battery and auto adjustable camera.
  • GPS facility with a USB charger port.

best fitness tracker Teens
It is the best fitness watch in 2020 scene as the third generation fitness tracker. It is the latest model of Fitbit Charge 2 that arrived nearly two years back from now in 2016. It’s an iconic model of Fitbit, and it’s not sitting simply by releasing the wearable fitness tracker. This latest version covers both fitness trackers plus smartwatch and comes with high quality, which every enthusiastic fitness love it. So let’s find out some hidden information about what was special about this tracker?

It is the most accurate fitness tracker with a number of leading features. As an example, it has a large display, better exercise tracking capabilities, a waterproofing system, thinner light design, and so on.

Although it does not have a physical button, it’s a touch-sensitive device with strap design. Like another tracker, you will get all the message notification, but in Charger 3, you can also reply to the messages if you have an Android device connected with it. So, it sounds cool! Doesn’t it?


  • 20% lighter in weight and made of aluminum
  • Water-resistance maximum of 50 meters.
  • Maintains the menstrual cycle based on data.
  • It provides 24/7 heart rate tracking and has an inbuilt Pulse oximetry sensor.
  • It tracks light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

What should you consider when you decide to buy the best fitness tracker for teenager

fitness tracker

If you have decided to get the best fitness tracker for teenager, then consider the following factors so that you can refine your options and get the right tracker based on your personal taste.

Style – When considering style, make sure about the comfortability of wearing every day. At present, you will get varieties of designs, shapes, colors, and materials. You will also see some can wear as pendants, and some can clip to wear. So, choose your preferred one.

Display – Some displays data using number, symbols, and words, while some uses LED light display via an app. So before making your final decision, make sure the tracker’s app is available in the Google play store or Apple play store, and it can sync nicely with your smartphone and computer.

Compatibility – It’s very important. So before pulling out a wallet, make sure your fitness tracker is simpatico with a laptop or your smartphones, Apple IOS, or Android IOS system as most of the trackers are not Windows supported.

Accuracy – As this is a fitness tracker, they definitely used some algorithms and sensors to provide footsteps, stair climbs, punches thrown, and hours slept data. They have some degree of precision, and they can deliver you exact data. So, transmit your full activity into the tracker to get the accurate output.

 Battery Life – It truly depends on your choice. Do you like every day charging or once in a week charging? You can also get coin cell type batteries that frequently used in calculators and cameras. The most tracker comes in rechargeable options, and you can easily come across 1 week with a single charge option. So, get the best one according to your preference.

Water – If you want to use the tracker during swimming or bathing time, you must encounter the water resistance or how the tracker is splash-proof. Although many trackers are water-resistant but check before buy.

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