Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 – Buying Guide

Electric bikes are in a big way in recent years. Different famous and well-renowned bike manufactures liberated e-bikes from some standard ordinary bikes in terms of weight, design, gearing, disc brakes, 9 or 10 speed drive trains, carbon forks, and other extraordinary features typically found in expensive bikes before.

But nowadays as young people focused on adventure riding, cycling’s hottest trend and gravel bike manufacturers also started delivering their e-bikes at reasonable cheap price. For this reason, the electric bike has become the hot cake in the bikes world and offers a large number of verities e-bikes including cargo, mountain, road bikes, folding e-bikes and beach cruiser e-bikes. On the other hand, e-bike also becomes a comfort driving icon because it’s environmentally friendly and people can use it for workout purpose.

So, if you feel it’s your good time for e-bike shopping and wants to buy a brand new, updated model and latest hottest trendy e-bikes, then we can help you out. Typically if you are very much concern about budget and straightforward searching for the best electric bike under $1000, then this editorial is for you.

So, without delay lets check out what sort of unbelievable battery and motor range, incredible speed, gears, shifters and altogether well constructed top 10 bike brands waiting for us.

Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 54Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 55

If you are cornering about ability and weight over approachability, best e-bike system power-assistance bike, among others then ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike would be the best overall pick up for you. Because, this exclusive bike feature includes wide 100 % aluminum frames, Shimano 21-speed gear, complimented by a lightweight sock absorption fork, with intuitive motorized assistance, higher-end finishing could be the pure descent monster for you. So, if you are looking to upgrade fill free to choose this descent style but overall best mountain bike depending on your preference.

Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 56Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 57

As it offers the high ride quality and durability, patent-pending design, precise climbing, fast and responding twists- in a reasonable lower price tag, SwagCycle EB-5 Pro is truly worth the bang of bugs. Furthermore, it’s also a beginner and casual mountain bike obviously more than a grocery-getter. Furthermore, SwagCycle is an elite bike category, but its price tag hardly reflects that. Overall, it’s an extraordinary, surprising value for a bike with a top-grade lightweight pro.

Best Electric Bike under $1000 - Comparison table

Products Aceshin Bike Nakto Bicycle Goplus E-Bike Kemanner Bike EIGSO Rattan Bicycle
Motor 250W 250W 350W 250W 350W
Wheel Diameter 26 inch 26 inch 26 inch 26 inch 26 inch
Lithium Battery 8Ah 10Ah 10Ah 8Ah 10.4 Ah
Range 14 -15.5 Mile 28-35 Mile 20 Mile 31 Mile 38-50 Mile
Gear shifter 21 Speed 6 Speed 21 Speed 21 Speed 7 Speed
Adjustable Seat
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Top 10 best electric bikes under 1000 reviews

Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 58Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 59

Starting with the most customer-oriented long time lasting and affordable best Aceshin electrical bike review named Aceshin 26″ electric mountain bike.

We would not hesitate to prescribe this because it has 2 amazing working mode with large capacity battery and 21-speed gear facilities. Not only this, it is made durable material, Ergonomic design, 3-speed meter rate, both front and back brakes that do not baffle you. After analysis customer reviews closely we have come to know that, if you are looking for something fun starter, lightweight, minimal assembly and overall a personality adjusted cool dashing best electric mountain bike under $1000 Aceshin 26″ model would be the perfect choice for you.


  • Cover maximum mileage up to 40 KM (electric mode) and 55-km (PAS).
  • Its speed is 25km-30km/ hr in electric mode.
  • Its charging time is 4-6 hours for a maximum of 6 hours of continuous riding.
  • It has the 250W high-speed brushless motor and 36 V 8AH lithium-ion battery.
  • Along with this Shocking absorbed front/ rear wheel and made of carbon aluminum alloy frame
  • We like its anti-slip resistant tire and aluminum alloy saddle and pedals.
  • Likewise, it has high-quality disc brakes, and the weight capacity is 150kg.


  • Top-speed gear.
  • Convenient.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • Red, green auto ON/OFF switch.
  • 5 power display indicator.
  • 26" large wheel.
  • Noiseless motor riding.
  • Bright 6 LED lights.
  • It is best for only entry-level or booster riding. Not recommended for expert cyclists.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 60Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 61

The benefits of using an electric bike instead of a traditional bike are well-known to everyone.

Especially ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike is for those people those who want to carry the large load without paddling or get fatigued quickly. Its also the most favorite item for the commuters as because it can cover all most any trails, paved or unpaved roads, off-roads, city or country riding. Because of its 36V 8Ah lithium-ion large capacity battery, 250W powerful motor, Shimano gears, all-electric mode options, superb handling construction it has become the top bestseller electric bike despite the low price.

Mainly its secure folding system ensures the cyclists to get into the destination safely and store more conveniently.


  • It has 3 operating power mode- progressive electric power, twist, and throttle. You can use it just like an ordinary bicycle by using the power mode.
  • Additionally, this e-bike adopts anti-rust, ultra lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy frame and anti-exposure especial color combination materials.
  • Other e-bike takes long charging time but this bike tales only 4-6 hours maximum for a full charge as because it has smart lithium ion charger and can cover up to 25km( electric mode) and 50 km (assist mode).
  • Apart from this, it has 26″ magnesium alloy 6 spoke integrated wheels, anti-slip resistant tire, mechanical front and rear disc, powerful LED light, and sturdy horn.
  • We sure you are not going to ignore this e-bike as it’s foldable and consist of 21-speed professional level Shimano transmission for perfect climbing whether it’s in snowy or rainy mountain or any road corner.
  • Well-made and versatile.
  • Comfortable for mountain and all terrains.
  • Impressive mileage.
  • Super lightweight and foldable.
  • High-strength carbon-based steel shock absorbers.
  • Best for all weather condition.
  • Free assembly service included 1-year extended warranty.
  • Acceleration of motor is poor. Only 300W.
  • No effective user manual.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 62Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 63

If you are mostly looking for something rugged with strong wheels plus strong driving force with semi-assembled with full of latest technology and features options, you must consider Merax 26″ Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike at least for once.

It’s also supposed to be the best entry level e-bike as it consists of 2 working modes, sturdy frame, and suspension fork, classic Shimano speed gear and can ride minimum 30 minutes continuously with a single charge. You will feel more exciting when it will save you valuable time from awful traffic and refresh your mind in the fresh air. Side by side you can also do some exercise by paddling your bike if you like to travel or ride in an eco-friendly environment.


  • Super reliable Shimano speed shifter provides easy flat paddling and smooth shifting with its 7-speed transmission system.
  • This e-bike has got 36V 8.8Ah lithium-ion battery, and a key secures it. Normally it takes 5-6 hours for a full charge and speeds up to 32km/h but the charging time depends on the battery you depleted in different places.
  • Additionally, its come in 85% assembled and you need to install the front wheel, pedal, handlebar, and tire.
  • This e-bike prefers all surface riding including bumpy surface as because it has 26″ alloy wheels, suspensions, and 350W power high-speed motor.
  • It also ensures more stability and carries a maximum of 260 lbs of weight at a time.
  • What’s more? The comfortable saddle and soft padded seat easily adjusted for any height. The comfy the riding its handlebar is also has adjustable features.
  • Easy to use and economical.
  • Smart digital panel.
  • High-grade battery.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Charge port.
  • Brake and gear shift system.
  • Dual modes.
  • Removable battery.
  • It's a bit heavy.
  • Expensive for the quality.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 64Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 65

Due to saving time, money and energy more and more people in the USA are moving forward to use an electric bike as a medium of transportation.

Thus it helps them to keep fit (by manual paddle) as well as they can enjoy the journey (by electric drive) instead of boring reckless journey.

So, to get this all together in your daily life, we have ANCHEER power plus an electric mountain bike. As we all knew ANCHEER provides unbeatable different model bikes for almost every ranges, but this power plus model is something different that shows great performance compare to price tag.

So, lets came to know why power plus electric mountain bike from ANCHEER is popular for all adults and youngsters? Shortly, it has a large capacity removable 36V lithium-ion battery with separate charger port; it can cover 25-50 km mileage, 250W high-speed gear motor, high-quality constructions, 3 working models with free assemble service (suppose if you cannot assemble the best parts of the bike).

So, what’s your opinion? Do you think anything left? Certainly not. But if so, let check out the features, pros and cons and order afterward.


  • This e-bike is constructed from heavy-duty, light, strong aluminum alloy materials which withstand any harsh weather conditions including rough terrains.
  • Particularly its rim is made of double-walled aluminum alloy for faster and less drag, and super strength suspension fork works up to the last level.
  • This e-bike is easily identified by its stable 250W motor which can make top speed up to 50km.
  • Most e-bike works on 2 modes (e-bike and assisted mode). But this has 3 working modes which are works on normal bike mode. So, this will help you to learn and go with real cycling practice.
  • Its gear (21 speed Shimano gear) and braking ( front and rear mechanical brake) system are also reliable and trustworthy.
  • Finally, it comes with 85% assembles and 1-year complete for motor, parts, and battery.
  • Dual suspension mechanism.
  • 26"-diameter wheels for all terrains.
  • Ultra lightweight for transport and store.
  • Sleek and nice design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Anti-slip large tires.
  • Multifunctional uses.
  • It's not foldable.
  • Limited speed control.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 66Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 67

As the name described, NAKTO Electric Bicycle Sporting e-bike made an strong, sturdy, and durable way that anyone feels love with his first expression. If you are thinking about leisure traveling, overcome all tough terrains or surface smoothly, strolling down any street or pavement and even getting fit you can always choose NAKTO electric bicycle. No other options. Hence it got the stunning design, impressive motor, powerful battery,2-silent modes, fast delivery, bright headlight, pedal assist ON/OFF button and lots more features it will give you hassle-free riding when you need.   


  • It has Shimano 6 gear system with swift front and back suspension brake.
  • It’s frame, and the front fork made of durable steel carbon.
  • It comes with sock absorption premium style pack and provided maximum safety or security by using horn, handlebar, and headlamps for exclusive night riders.
  • However, the battery feature is quite similar to another e-bike such as it has 36V 10 amp lithium ion battery with the powerful 250W motor.
  • On the other hand, it has only 2-working modes (e-bike and assisted cycle), but that will not bother you to climbing hills or go faster as because you can control the speed via variable speed throttle.
  • What we like most about this e-bike is it delivers directly from the factory and comes at an extremely affordable price.
  • You can enjoy 18-25 miles speed riding within a single hour as it can go max 28-35 miles on a full charge. Quite amazing right!
  • High-quality, durable components and no plastic materials.
  • Adjustable frame up to 5.2" to 6.2".
  • 7-speed Shimano gear for fast transmission.
  • Comes in verities of colors and frames.
  • Good capacity battery.
  • Suitable wheels to all weather conditions.
  • It comes with quick release clamps.
  • It offers multiple speed levels and modes.
  • It can carry a maximum of 300 pounds at a time.
  • Speed is less for hill climbing.
  • A bit heavy.
  • No sensor.

Next, we are going to show the Goplus electric bike review which is made of fat tire and particularly for snow beach and mountain cruiser.

Do you agree to ride over the tough hilly area you need a more powerful motor that uncompromisingly offers by this e-bike? It’s aa newly launched e-bike and has double powered 350W brushless motor and can produce 12.5 MPH speed that can reach you the top of the mountain easily.

Although it’s cost around $900, it provides exactly what you needed. For example, you will appreciate its long-lasting aluminum alloy frame, all-terrains supported 3 working modes, LED headlights, full suspension, and superb disc brakes.

However, this e-bike may feel more costly of the other ordinary mountain bikes but do you know this extra additional make the bike one step higher beneficial which you are going to get.

So, without looking further go with this Goplus model and feel like a superman when crossing bumpy area.


  • The first thing of high valued e-bike is its powerful brushless motors-350W and max speed up to 12.5 MPH which makes the ride more adventures.
  • Secondly, its 3 different modes ( electric, PAS- paddling with power assist and a sensor crank) operations that make the e-bike best urban and city commuter.
  • Then no three is its fat tire and aluminum alloy frame, front Vbrakes, and rear expansion brakes, iron lockout suspension construction will make you think twice for buying.
  • Consequently, you will not find night helper LED headlights, adjusted seat system, large capacity load, and 85% assembled e-bike features in an inexpensive bike.
  • This is perfectly designed for athletes and racers so that they can become master in every riding.
  • Easy assembly.
  • We have adjusted handle and seat.
  • Less charging time. Only 4-5 hours.
  • KMC chain.
  • 26'' x 4.0'' large Fat Tire.
  • Maximum load of 440 lbs.
  • UL- approved charger.
  • 100% aluminum made.
  • Power battery and motor.
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • A bit unstable in off-road condition because of fat tire.
  • Power assist works slowly.

Now we have ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle which price was above $1000 before, but for considering riders affordability, it’s coming within $1000 range.

That means you can buy a great quality, maximum speed, good battery capacity along with 3 working operations and 90% complete assembled e-bike in cheapest price. Apart from the price tag, it’s portable, suitable to move and store, lightweight, robust and each component made of top-notch materials.

The biggest advantages of ECOTRIC Fat Tire e-bike is it has a hub motor in the rear brake. It’s better to know that the hub motor increases the gear ratio. That is, with even low paddles and gear they can step up the hills or mountains by accelerating massive torqu. In a word, a hub motor over normal motor increases the gear speed. 


  • It built with a lightweight and aerodynamic aluminum frame.
  • It has got a CD display panel with five gear cycle display.
  • It provides 6KM constant speed, but you can set up the speed manually.
  • The 36V 12 ah lithium battery and 500 W gearless motor continuously provides the great driving force.
  • It’s Shimano 7 gears shifting added an extra feature that enables the bike to twist through throttle faster.
  • The overall load capacity and weight of this e-bike are 300lbs and 55 lbs.
  • Additionally, its snow bike pro crank and black aluminum handlebar, adjustable seat, anti-slip tire give the bike a new look.
  • Finally, its 20″x 4″ fat tire is perfect for all terrains.
  • Single key repair function.
  • A 36V power display.
  • Throttle controlled.
  • It provides maximum speed up to 23 MPH.
  • Water resistant fat tire.
  • Stunning loophole wheel design.
  • Linearness design frame.
  • Removable powerful battery.
  • Battery lock system.
  • Anti-skidding tire.
  • No separate charger port.
  • A little heavy.
  • Not best for rocky surfaces.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 69Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 70

First of all, we expect from an e-bike must be perfect for everyday use to travel and to commute. We also want out dream e-bike would be impeccable, long-lasting, simple design, secure, well made and lastly produce fun riding.

But those types of e-bikes only comes inexpensive price tag. But here we have information about Spark 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle which fulfills your most requirements within a minimal budget. Because its throttle operated and extremely budget friendly.

If you look up into the features, it has got waterproof long life battery, 2 models (throttle, PAS), fast high-speed motor, suspension fork, and speed shifting gears, LCD, LED ront tires and lots and lots more.

However, we especially like the warranty of this amazing e-bike that comes with 1-year complete warranty with parts and free service charge.


  • It has got lifetime waterproof 36V 10AH lithium battery and can cover up to 28-36 mile in PAS and 22-28 miles in electric mode.
  • Its motor is also strong 250W which produces fast driving.
  • To change the swift and fast gear, it has 6 speed Shimano gear especial system.
  • Moreover, the LCD shows the speed suspension fork and battery limit, and for using this e-bike in night mode super, Bright LED lights used.
  • Although it comes at a reasonable price it has a 360-degree lighting system and saves up to 15% energy.
  • It also has adjustable height handlebar, LED ront light and soft grips.
  • Durable battery and smooth ride.
  • Non-exhausting gear system.
  • It used for multipurpose.
  • Powerful brakes.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Solid warranty.
  • Quick to charge.
  • Theftproof.
  • A bit difficult to change throttle to PAS
  • Noisy.
  • Comparatively Weak frame.
Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 71Best Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2019 - Buying Guide 72

Again we have come up with most customer wanted folding electric bike Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike.

It’s not only the e-bike but provides more than you wanted. Because it provides comfortable riding in urban as well as in city roads including hilly mountain as well. Whether it’s raining condition or in snow foggy, it ensures great riding experience.

If you want to know its configurations, let us tell you it has quick release updated modern lithium-ion battery of 36V, least assembly time, Shimano gears, speed up to 15 mph, comfortable padded saddle and lot more. Regarding components and parts, it has Kenda tires, disc brakes, front suspension, bell, and reflectors.

It is perfectly designed for teenagers, adults and young people particularly people up to 5.4″ height. don’t worry about its design as it comes in a small, sleek, compact design with a stylish look.


  • Instead of aluminum, it has steel made 19″ high-quality frame and 26″ massive wheels.
  • The motor power is quite impressive. 250W.
  • Super protected lithium ion 36V 8.8 Ah battery.
  • Maximum charging hour 4-6 hours and can cover 25-31 miles in one single charge.
  • It has disc brakes and kenda tires.
  • It can speed up to 15 m/h.
  • Shimano 7 speed swift gear system.
  • Decelerating V brakes in rear wheels.
  • Both front and back have mudguards.
  • Samson champion tires and carry up to 300 lbs of loads.
  • This is completely a pedal assist bike.
  • Incredible performance for the price.
  • Adjustable height up to 35.5".
  • 3 assist modes. Low-medium-high.
  • Painted wheels.
  • No license, no gasoline. It's inexpensive.
  • Well built.
  • Starter sensors work nicely.
  • Extra strong front gear.
  • Narrow frame.
  • Not suitable for fat guys.
  • No throttle mode.

To feel the bike momentum straightway instead of exhausting tiring drives you can directly go for Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike.

Whether you are beginner or pro to the electric bike world that doesn’t matter. This bike will always provide you a memorable cheer up riding experience ever.

Because Kemanner ensures its branded quality through this model and added all latest and updated components or parts plus technical specification. So, see that in our next features, pros and cons sections.


  • Like another excellent e-bike, it offers two riding modes. Foldable e-bike and assisted mode.
  • It has got both front and rear mechanical disc brakes design.
  • It also has 21 speed Shimano swift gear transmission system.
  • For trouble-free climbing, it has got 250W German motor technology and can reach a maximum 35 km/ hour at speed.
  • Additionally its painted folding body and industry standard aluminum alloy construction surprise you.
  • For measuring speed, it has 3-digital speed meter and carbon steel damping fork.
  • The wheels are also guaranteed made of anti-slip and aluminum alloy materials.
  • So do you need anything extra? Certainly not
  • Excellent PAS mode for quick start.
  • Long-lasting battery. Goes up to 35 km.
  • It comes with an electric bell, bottle holder and headlight.
  • Removable battery and key lock system.
  • Good quality material and easy to assemble.
  • Worth of price.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • No LED headlight.
  • Old fashioned.
  • No twisted throttle.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 - Buying Guide

Now you are pretty much well-known of the best electric bike under $1000. It’s good to know that apart from electric bike there are also different ranges of mountain bikes such as (Best mountain bike under $200, Best mountain bike under $300) are available. So, if you want something cheap but worth of price cruiser bike you can have a look at our selected mountain bikes.

However before purchasing e-bike bike some remainders or basic faq’s you must know. Though it’s not compulsory but highly necessary for choosing the best one, so let’s check out and get a complete idea.

Which is Best E-bike VS moped Bike?

Answer – Moped bike or electric motorcycle means machine operated bikes and e-bikes and moped bikes are not the same. A moped bike is a motor or machine oriented, and there is no pedal assist option, but an electric bike has pedal assist choice along with self-exercise while riding. The other difference is an electric bike does not require a license, insurance or any extra cost but a moped bike do require these papers. The third difference is, the moped bike is fuel derived where the electric bike does not require any fuel. Thus it saves money and time.

What are the Best Electric Bikes?

Ans: Like other bikes, e-bikes are now available in almost every model.

  • Electric commuter or urban bike
  • Electric mountain bike
  • Electric road bike
  • Electric cargo or utility bike.
  • Electric folding or city bike.

Best E Bikes under 1000 ( Advantage & Disadvantage)

Advantage :

  • Only battery operated. So no petrol cost.
  • Easy sweat-free safe riding.
  • It does not require any extra parking space. So easy to maintain and store.
  • It uses as a means of public transport.
  • It’s cheap and can carry a heavy load.
  • It’s used as the best exercise machine.
  • It works quietly and reduces wears and tears.
  • It’s used for fun driving.


  • Compare to conventional bike its expensive.
  • Some models come with a heavier frame and wheel.
  • Electric bikes are sometimes not allowed in bicycle lanes.
  • Longtime recharge system.

But overall electric bikes are outstanding for all ages especially adults.

Best e Bike Under $1000 - Considerable factors

You should consider below features to get the top-rated e-bike.

  • PPP(Price, Performance, Portability)
  • Motor performance.
  • Battery types and how it placed in the bike.
  • Maximum charging time and run time.
  • Top speed and top speed modes.
  • The maximum distance the e-bike can cover in different modes.
  • Brakes and gear system.
  • Frame and tire construction.
  • Wheel size and materials.
  • The maximum weight it has, and it can carry.
  • Size and colors.

Final Verdict

Truly saying it’s very difficult to choose the best electric mountain bike under $1000 although we have ordered the top 10 listed product.  Even we also faced some difficulties as almost all mountain bikes under mentioned range are worth of money and time. That’s why we are confident you will get a great product no matter which one you select and buy. Furthermore, you can also check out the latest price, configurations, great customer reviews and rating from internet and get sure.

Finally, there is no limit of perfections, but it depends on how much you spend a couple of hundred bugs instead of a couple of thousand. You must also keep in mind that your e-bike should have all pretty much everything you need to ensure comfort and safe riding. If you maintain this strategy while buying e-bike we highly expect you will get a very good well build e-bike.

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