Best Child Bike Seat Review |Bicycle Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier

Do you seriously think about the necessity of having child carrier seat into your bike? In a specific way, do you agree a child carrier acts an imperative part for a child’s protection, comfort and spacious no matter how long your travel distance is? Hence, if you completely agree with our queries then Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier would be positively made for you.

As because it is a USA standard product and comes with all necessary mounting equipment’s, it will be in your memory if you see this once. For example, it comes in extremely reasonable price but with colorful, reliable, compact and excellent user-friendly options. Furthermore, your child will not be having any chance to get hurt or injured and he will enjoy the ride without any question.

After all, it has got all important and enforced stuffs (sturdy straps, easy attach/ deattah, broad frame, lightweight, stunning design, long warranty) and compatible with any other high expensive best child carrier seat.

However, Bicycle Kids Child Front Seat do also have some limitations such as it is not best for rear suspension type bike, beach cruiser bike, dual suspension bike and front derailleur supported bike. but this does not mean the bike seat will be unfit for others type.

Truly saying, this is a normal phenomenon of any advance level bike seat. But it is always good to know some demerits as like merits.

So, without delay lets jump into the features, pros and cons and become confident of your valuable selection.


  • This child seat is made to provide you out of box service. Why we prefer of this child seat is for its versatility and easy accessibility. As it is compatible with most of the bike frame model you don’t need to tact with any specific model and it is best for immediate or urgent use.

  • Likewise the fastening belt or shoulder straps also maintain universal standard and works superb if you are concern about safety and security.

  • The installation is also quite easy compare to other child seat. The primary thing is no additional accessory required to fix it up.

  • Beside this, as it follows USA safety standard, you can blindly believe its high-quality, each component stability and of course the performance. It can make you and your child so closer and makes you enjoy riding together.

  • However if your bike does not have round frame with 27.2 to 38mm diameter then this bike seat is not for you. You may look our other recommended product under $100.
  • Not only this, you might also look for other product if you have less then 29” small bike frame.



Which is comfortable and safety for babies? Child bike seat VS trailer?

bike seat is directly attached to the front or behind the seat and bike trailer is attached only the back of the bike and pulled with the help of wheels/ tires. So, according to construction bike seat is easy to use.

You can carry two children in trailer but maximum time bike seat is comes with only for one child. Thus, you must select according to the no of children you have.

But the interaction and riding pleasure are much more in baby bike seat front compare to child bike trailer.

It is obvious that you need baby bike trailer age (2-4 or varies) but for road bike child seat you can start from 1 year of your baby itself.

How Old Does a Baby Have to Be to Ride in a Bike Seat?

It is an important issue as we all want to take our baby with us for safety, happiness and fun purpose. But it is better to know which bike carrier (front or rear seat) seat is perfect for which age? If your child is adult or young then you can get rear bike seat as it has much wider space than the front seat and can carry much load up to 50 pounds.

Whereas, if you have a small child from 1-4 years then front bike seat would be appropriate for you. Because you will be in touch with your child and manage his/ her balance.

Final verdict:

Due to some restrictions and obligations Bicycle Kids Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier is still one of the bestselling bike seat and customers #1 choice because of its straightforward usability. Apart from this it also have lots of good points (own rack, enough room, leg restraints and so on) which makes most-wanted product.

Therefore, if you are truly haunting for genuine and USA authentic best child carrier we recommend to include Bicycle kids child bike carrier into your purchasing list. Because, it will never dissatisfy you.

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