100 Strata Goggle Review – Unisex Adult Goliath Clear Lens

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Starting with our very first protective gear 100% Unisex-Adult Goggle MX STRATA Goliath Clear Lens by 100% manufacturer. If you like most challenging full of adventure bike racing and waiting for to have a part on this, then definitely you are going to love Unisex Adult Goggle MX STRATA Goliath goggle.

Because we all tinted and enhance our sight with goggles. Not sunglasses. Do you know, there are lots of advantages of using MX STRATA Goliath Clear Lens such as we can see large surface with dust and dirt free even over a full face of helmet?  This goggles are made in exceptional way with heavy duty curved fit and gloss finishes. Thus, apart from sportsman it also provides an extra exposure to your personality. On the other side, it is budget friendly, comes in verities color and unique design available for both man and women.

Therefore if you are interested to get this, you can have a look at price details from below link. But before that let’s check the features and other parts.


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100 Strata Goggle Review


  • The goggle is made in a simple way but enough to change the perception. As because, All 100% adult goggles structured the same lens plus tear-off profile.
  • The fitment is curvature suited for long comfort and great aspects of vision.
  • Lens are Anti-fog, scratch-resistant and Lexan lens for perfect vision with tear-off pins.
  • It has the same lens shape around the product line.
  • In order to remove the unnecessary sweat, moisture from eyes it has double-layered face foam. This soaks up all the dirt and keeps your eyes dry.
  • For a secure fit, there is also some lens Attachment equipment available. For retention system, it has the nine-pin lens and the maximum no of retention points for tight fitting.
  • Frames are also constructed by using super flexible urethane and durable matte and gloss finish.
  • In order to maintain the holding position correctly, it has 40mm silicone coated straps hold in the back side of the goggle.
  • Finally, for easy and convenient storage, you will get a sublimated microfiber bag.



  • How MX STRATA Fit Over Glasses?

Ans: The adjustment of this goggle over glasses actually depends on the frame size of your glass. That means, if your frame size is big you may need OTG ( Over The Glass) type google which has deeper frame structure to suitable over glasses easier.

Goggles For Prescription Eye Wear – OTG – Over The Glasses Goggles

  • Is this helmet adjustable?

Ans: Yes. Of course it is. You can use any brand helmet with this goggle and it will adjust without any problem. Furthermore, you can also use without helmet too.

  • What type of lens does MX Strata have?

Ans: It consist of smoked lens which is completely comfortable for day and night mode. Plus, you can also switch it easily according to your convenient.

  • How to clean 100% Unisex Adult Goggle Strata Goliath Clear Lens?

Ans: you can clean it by using windex, foaming window cleaner or paper towel. But always try to use the box for safest.

100% Unisex-Adult Goggle MX STRATA is purposely made for performance and comfort. It arms you with top to toe features at a highest value and enables you to put in those extra tours.

  • Finally, it is our first choice for its high functionality and accurate vision. We expect you will also be in our part and do not do delay for further order.

100 Strata Goggle Review